The majority of college students either are currently doing their mid-terms, have just wrapped up or are about to dive into the stress of it all this week. With things like exams to worry about, many probably have even less time and energy devoted into looking their best amidst all the stress. However, if you know me then you know that glam is everything for me – even a subtle glam. These 5 items are my life-savers when I am sleep-deprived, emotionally exhausted – basically the epitome of a college student.



Lancome Teint Idole Color Corrector


I love the new Teint Idole concealers but I have to say the correctors are what really shine in this newer launch. What makes them so amazing is the fact that they really hold onto their color. Have you ever had those color correctors (I’m looking at you UD) that are yellow or pink or whatever in the tube, and yes they hold onto their color at first swatch, but when you blend them out they just go to nothing but a light concealer? This is not that. No ma’am. These correctors hold onto their colors, almost to a fault. You have to use the tiniest amount and blend these out with a beauty blender or sponge of choice so that you really get that color pay-off without looking scary.

My personal favorite here is the yellow. I love a yellow for my under eyes, much more than I like a peach like everyone in the beauty industry suggests for a medium skin-tone – which just goes to show ladies and gentleman, try things out on yourself and do what YOU like. Anyways, this really brightens up my undereyes and is a must-have for when I am super tired (all the time) or when Accounting homework is just too much to bear (also, all the time).




Clinique Moisture Surge CC

It’s the Fall/Winter months so I’m sure your skin is drying out much like mine is. Unfortunately for me, I’m regularly dry so my skin really takes a hit in the cold. The Clinique Moisture Surge line is one of my favorites already for when the temperatures get low but this product in particular is great for when I have school and am in a hurry. This is perfect for when you don’t have time to do a full skincare routine and then proceed with makeup. Simply apply it to the skin and blend out with your beauty blender. It provides light coverage with ultra hydration.



Lancome Cils Booster





With my skin handled thanks to Clinique, my under-eyes taken care of by Lancome the one more item that I want to focus on is lashes. I can do a soft look with clear skin, bright eyes and big lashes to make my eyes pop and be comfortable running out the door. For my lashes, I have to start with this primer and layer with any of my favorite mascaras because I know with this product nourishing my lashes, really any mascara I put on top will only be the icing on the cake.





There are my three must – have items for when I’m struggling through mid-terms, or just a hard week in general. What are your favorites?



Thanks for reading!


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