Fall is my favorite time of year – what with the PSL, the coats and the earthy tones that tend to show up in makeup trends. The warm, flattering looks perfectly go with the atmosphere and albeit a bit late I bring to you the lip items I reached for the most this past autumn. All of the lip products mentioned are available at Macy’s and are shown in no particular order.

URBAN DECAY 1993 – $17

The legendary 1993 from Urban Decay, this color was sold out company wide with Urban Decay for months and months until finally, without announcement, it showed up on the shelves of Macy’s. I had seen the color previously on my best friend Natalie and she always looked so great in it. I considered buying the lip liner, but by the time I got around to buying it that product had sold out too. Now that I’ve got my hands on it, it is my go – to shade for cooler toned or gray based looks.


Hands down, the Smashbox Always On liquid lipsticks are the absolute best on the market. Again, Natalie helped inspire me to buy this color. I needed it most when I was planning on going to the pumpkin patch – of course this earthy deep orange would be perfect but I actually ended up reaching for it more often than I thought. This is probably my #1 favorite fall lip color and its easily my favorite formula of liquid lipstick on the market.


Ashton was my shade of choice when I wanted something deep and earthy but didn’t want the (excuse the pun) loudness of Out Loud. It was my neutral of choice and is something I can definitely see myself wearing year- round.


I was on the hunt for the perfect straight brown lip color and my search led me into my local Ulta where I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tarte had come out with a 90’s inspired collection that had about 5 new brown colors. Swatching the whole lot, I fell in love with Brownie the hardest, it was the perfect mid-tone brown, no shimmer, totally matte and a very comfortable finish.


This is the perfect color to wear when wearing a camel coat (which there was a lot of) or leopard print (which there will be a lot of). It’s a completely warm nude camel color and whereas that does not seem like something that would be very flattering, it definitely is.



Those were my favorite fall lipsticks this past season – what were yours? Tag me at #theamberarchives or directly with @theamberarchives on instagram and show me your favorites.



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