7 Spring & Summer Candles

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Spring is officially here and summer is right around the next corner. This change in weather usually constitutes new clothes, shoes, makeup (EVERYTHING) for me, even a change in the atmosphere of my space. In my bedroom, I have switched themes. Those that know me personally would know that I change themes according to the weather and currently we are in the all-white theme. White satin sheets, white comforter, white curtains, ahhh. Angelic and cozy.

With switching up atmosphere comes switching up the scent of the space. Now that I work at Bath and Body Works, my candle obsession is going through the roof. These are the candles I have purchased for myself and would highly recommend for those who want to use aroma to change their atmosphere as well.


Fresh Cut Lilacs

lilac blossoms and spring musk. 

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A sophisticated and elegant floral candle that transforms your area into a calming, enchanted garden. I cannot say enough good things about this one – I bought it right on the spot.

Black Teakwood

black teakwood, sandalwood and crisp lavender.

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Smells like walking into Abercrombie and Fitch, only downside is it doesn’t come with the shirtless men. This may not be your traditional SS scent, many may prefer it for fall, but I think it’s a lovely neutral scent and I actually love burning it alongside the Lilac candle for a muskier scent.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

japanese cherry blossom, pear and sandalwood. 

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The best-selling body care line comes in a candle and of course it smells amazing.

Hawaiian Hibiscus

hibiscus, creamy coconut and jasmine. 

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I love this scent, but am afraid it’s a bit too subtle and I don’t know if I’ll end up keeping it, which is so difficult for me because I really do love the scent. If you want a subtle candle from BBW, I would highly recommend trying this one out.


honeysuckle nectar, creamy vanilla and peony. 

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The smell of honeysuckle brings me back to my childhood, sunny days and lush gardens.

Midnight Blue Citrus

fresh citrus, blue waters and soft musk 

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Many of my fellow employees at the BBDubs have also bought this one. It smells like gummy candy – amazing right?!

Panjore Lychee (Anthropologie)

lychee, cassis, asian pear 

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$26 is a hefty amount for a candle, but give this one a sniff and you’ll know.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed


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