Anastasia and Norvina are going IN this holiday season. 


I know deep in my soul that this is just a small taste of the amazing things we are about to see from ABH this year and in the next year which is popping up way too soon. I, for one, have been buying quite a bit from ABH so expect a few posts (including PRISM!!) for now though enjoy these swatches and first impressions of 2 brand new shades and 1 that I had personally never seen IRL.

Top to bottom: Hudson, Bittersweet, Dazed



Nowhere online is there any information regarding this formula being different than the ones in the permanent line but, but, BUT I feel like these are much better. First of all, they are much more hydrating but they also seem to have improved as far as longevity. The darker shade Dazed stayed on my lips the entire day and even when I took it off, my lips had a bit of a stain to them (which I do not mind at all). Both shades that I’ve worn for full days stayed on for the entire days throughout meals, drinking and talking all day. These liquid lipsticks also dried down matte(r) and faster than the regular shades. They really feel like the Smashbox ones, which is my favorite formulation in the game.


A small note about packaging: I love the new doe foot applicator on these – it’s not like the traditional doe foot from the rest of the ABH liquid lip range but rather has a flat applicator like the ABH lip glosses have. I much prefer this as I find it can pack on more color with the least amount of actual swipes over the lips.

The Shades

Dazed – If I was to name this liquid lipstick I would call it “strawberry rose” as thats the best way I have to describe this color, IMO. This shade was my main reason to purchase this set, it’s a shade unlike any I’ve seen before in regards to the richness and how deep yet rosey yet bright yet red yet pink….  I love this shade, if you can’t already tell. I truly think this would look great on any skin tone, however if you have a medium to deep tone it is truly an injustice not to try this on at the least.


Bittersweet – This is the only shade that I haven’t worn for a full day ( I have tried it on though) and that may be because while this shade is super pretty, the other two were just so exciting for me that I was looking forward to wearing those more. I already know that I like this shade though because I love a brown lip so yes, it may be a bit of a cop out but yes, I know I’ll love it.


Hudson –  (pictured on me above) Ok, yes though. I do not even know how to describe this color – it’s a true nude with peachiness but also with brown tones in it. For me, this is one of those lippies that take on a different undertone or hue with certain makeup looks  I do – in this case I think that the eye look made this color look lighter and brought out more of the peachy tones. I think this shade is similar to Smashbox’s Stepping Out which puts it on par with some of my favorite nude liquid lipsticks of all time.



Again, like I said there’s no news about whether this formulation is new or not (the doe-foot is and I’m on board with that!) but I much prefer these and am extremely excited to try out any new lippies from ABH because a.) either I got duds in the past or b.) Anastasia secretly tweaked their formula – either way, I am now in love. These lippies just gave the Smashbox liquid lipsticks a run for their money.



Thanks for reading!

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