Gone are any chances that I could possibly be a blonde again. Last week I dyed my hair. It was black before, but now it’s pitch black. Ink black. BLACK. I love the way the raven hair looks on me. Moreover, I love a dark eyebrow as well. However, with the darker hair I no longer loved the look of super dark hair and the super dark eyebrows. The product I was using was great while my black had faded a bit, but suddenly I wanted something that looked softer but still sharp. 

I went to my trusted friend at the MAC counter at work just to get some tips since I had previously used a brown brow pencil that was dark enough. She gave me a tip I would have never thought of. Heck, I would have said “are you crazy?” to anyone else who would have suggested it (in my mind of course) but when she put the product in my brows, I was in awe of how soft and natural it made my brows look. She suggested putting a blonde brow gel in my brows to set them and did just that, slightly and softly sweeping the product in the first half of my brow and then combing through with a spoolie. Doing this adds a dimension to my brows that they didn’t have before and makes them look much more natural while still being sharp and defined by using my regular favorite brow product. The product in particular that she gave me is MAC Brow Set in Beguile ($19). The blonde is not super light, in fact, I would say it leans more towards a Taupe (this product is the closest I’ll ever get to blonde) keeping my brow hair still ashy and dark but adding that touch of softness. 

Try it out for yourself if you still want an ashy look to your brows but need something soft and subtle to give you a dimensional “I woke up like this” look. 

Thanks for reading.