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With the school year approaching, it is about time to start shopping! Of course one of the most necessary items for back to school is a bag that you can count on to carry all of your back to school essentials, and I am here today to help you find just that. Whereas you can easily settle for any old bag from Walmart or Target, I’m going to find you fashionable worthy bags for all price ranges.

High End

Valentino Rockstud Medium Backpack $3,045–IFDCWuxB8dDuSJsJ5rFkbxsb0jQaAgqP8P8HAQ


A style statement you’ve probably seen your favorite blogger wear. The backpack rockstud is an addition from the iconic Rockstud line Valentino creates, with shoes, purses, wallets and backpacks. The bag features two large pockets to store school essentials and has the gorgeous metallic finish to catch the eye – as if the studding didn’t do so enough.

Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Backpack $1295


I applaud Stella McCartney for being a designer whose line is completely cruelty-free. This bag is a stunning fashion statement (worn by miss Kylie Jenner herself) and comes in a whole variety of colors – like a fire engine red or a bright blue.

3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Backpack $895


I coveted the Philip Lim Pashli bag the minute I saw it, but as I no longer purchase real leather items, I couldn’t have it. I was delightfully shocked to see it was made into a backpack form and so I thought it essential to share.


Calvin Klein Ballistic Nylon Backpack $228

ck ball

This Calvin Klein bag is the definition of sports luxe. Featuring silver hardware (my absolute favorite) and plenty of pockets, this bag is a fool proof bag for school year round. Dress it up with a casual shift dress or down with gym wear.

Vince Camuto Robyn $190–exclusive-sporty-nylon-backpack/886742535037.html#start=1


A great brand for the mid-range shopper, Vince Camuto is a super stylish brand, a fashion force for only a couple hundred dollars at most. A great part of their line (aside from shoes and dresses) is their bags, including this one. One of the great things about this bag is that it has the zippers at the front to extend the size of the bag if necessary.

Michael Kors Signature Jet Set Metallic Bag $298,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.99804247,d.cGU&tch=1&ech=1&psi=GeLGVf_4DYWyoQSE9ZroCA.1439097374586.3&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX5SfUTjJZDwV71Bl0kiCIdYbs8stDrs_xGivaj1K2DyAAdvug7Es9pStrBg9o7Fp5PSuQZtrq1KB4rLc34LuJ-phsOpsFFhY0eQzjMl-N4OFMaSb9BIZAFPVH70Wbs-guAuhRPSD6TgxKD6JegkI1A&ved=0CCgQqStqFQoTCPaEqr2fm8cCFYqjiAodyo0K7A&ei=HOLGVfaGC4rHogTKm6rgDg

metallic bag

Metallic is back and I hope its here to stay. This fashion forward silver bag is a perfect statement to show you love fashion and you’re not afraid to show it. A bit of an investment, this bag is an eye catching bag which will have everyone in your class asking just where you’ve got it from.

Budget Bags

Black Imitation Suede Backpack $39.99


A casual bag that features silver hardware and imitation suede? Sign me up! I’d love to walk into class with this on my shoulder. Part of H&M’s new fall collection (which is stunning btw) this bag is perfect for the fall and winter months.

Drawstring Denim Backpack $32.90

denim bag

The 90’s revival is alive and well with this bag. I love the denim of the bag (it comes in a light and dark wash) and features plenty of pockets to keep all of your school essentials. A more casual style, this bag is great for someone who’s style features mostly basics, jeans and some stylish kicks.

Jollychic Hasp Zipper Bag $18.99


A bag I certainly plan on ordering. The bag is well structured and looks large enough to carry just what I need and more with its sturdy look. Plus that super cheap price? Order it in every color, which are blue, black, red and khaki!

Bags I Bought

Featured Bag: Nine West Traction Action $60

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I love this grey bag with black lining and silver hardware. This bag is the epitome of my aesthetic and favorite color combinations. Lined is a beautiful beige floral print, this bag is perfection at under $100.

Forever 21 Faux Drawstring $32.90

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A gorgeous and super sophisticated bag by Forever 21, this bag has three smaller pockets so you can take all you need and more and never look bulky.

Target White Solid Drawstring Backpack $39.99

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A bit pricey for a target bag, I’ve had this bag forever and it is still intact (which is a big up for Target). This bag is great for anyone who loves a neutral bag which is perfect for school and then can be emptied and used for casual street style.

Featured in: OOTD: Black White and Blue (February 8, 2015)

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Wilson’s Taupe Bag $25

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A gorgeous taupe color, this bag from Wilson’s Leather is a bit small but perfect to carry just a planner, notebook and tablet for notes. A bag for the no nonsense student who doesn’t need to carry around a makeup pouch, wallet, etc.

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