BAG IT: Black and Silver

Black and silver is making the greatest comeback since Jesus! Being a cool-toned girl myself, I love silver jewelrey and lately have been all over silver hardware. Here I have for you three high end options, three mid-range options and three budget-friendly options (100 dollars or less)! Everyone can hop on this edgy trend with these 10 options (including the bag I have myself).

High End

Alexander McQueen – Studded Padlock Zip Around $2,195


Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton is the McQueen of edgy! (bad joke?) This large black structured tote is evidence of that, featuring a wrap-around zipper, padlock and STUDS! And this stunning bag would most likely fit a whole ton of stuff, making this investment piece even more worth it!

Chanel Boy Flap Bag $5,400


My personal favorite from the high-end category, this bag is on my bucket list of bags! Whereas I typically don’t care much for Chanel, this bag is an absolute black and silver dream! Featuring Chanel’s signature black quilting paired with the edgy chain around the flap and a large silver Chanel design plate on the flap, this cross body is stylish, convenient and classically modern.

Ralph Lauren Collection Soft Ricky 27 Leather  $2,750

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This Ralph Lauren Collection piece features both buckles and zippers. Enough said.


Michael Kors Sophie Micro-Stud Leather Large Satchel $274


With Michael Kors arguably being the King of Mid-Range, his work had to be featured! Studs galore on this micro-stud satchel give this piece an edgy flare while still maintaining an air of sophistication. The classic Selma shape that Michael Kors is loved for, this bag looks like it would cost at least 3 times more than it actually does!

Michael Kors Large Signature Hamilton $348


Like I said, King of Mid-Range. This large tote is my personal favorite of the mid-range bags. With a large silver chain on the handle and a padlock with key – this bag’s best pieces are in the details. The faint signature fabric around the bag gives the bag a bit of texture in the look.

Opening Ceremony Beiby Leather Shoulder Bag $495


A perfect bag for a night on the town! A small bag with large silver features makes this bag perfect for carrying just the essentials! Lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and a few cards will fit perfectly in this bag and keep you from being weighed down while still bringing the wow factor with the large buckle and silver chaining on the side.

Budget Bags

Calvin Klein Izzy Drawstring Cross Body $99


With this bag getting a bit close to budget, it is well worth it! A large silver plate featuring the “CK” logo brings the silver hardware front and center! Also the side zipper details and drawstring make this bag a modern and trendy treasure!

Forever 21 Stitched Faux Leather Cross body $29.90


This well under budget bag has it all! Cross body, dark hardware chain and absolutely amazing stitching on the flap makes me wanna grab this bag for myself. With a low price, this bag is a perfect every day cross body that you can take anywhere and every where and not worry about ruining it.

Nine West Scale Up Tote $80.99


This bag oozes class and sophistication! With the classic structure of a tote, this bag would suit all ages and all activities! Take it to school, work, shopping, anywhere!

Featured Bag: Steve Madden BTotally

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SM vs. SM

I was torn when thinking of purchasing this bag – at just over 100 dollars it was a steal compared to the Stella McCartney Falabella. How could one designer copy another’s design completely and get away with it? I researched and researched to see how this was possible. It’s not like Steve Madden is a small brand that n one would notice such a copy bag.

Rumor has it, Steve Madden aided in designing this Stella McCartney bag. Now of course, no one has proof of this. However, one comment on another blog really sold me on this bag. The woman claimed that even if she were a millionaire, she would purchase the Steve Madden version. Why? Both bags are made of the same material.

Stella McCartney only uses vegan leather in her designs, and this Steve Madden bag is definitely not real leather. Why pay more for the exact same product? And if Steve really did have a hand in the design, then why the hell not?

I love this bag and it goes with so many of my outfits! Definitely going to be wearing it for the majority of the summer!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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