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As of late, I have a newfound love and appreciation for jewelry. For many years I stopped wearing necklaces and earrings and stuck to just ring or two. Nowadays, I can’t help but pick up statement pieces when I go shopping and have begun investing in my jewelry. Spending the couple extra bucks is a lot more worthwhile as the pieces will last much longer.

I had always heard great things about so I went on the site and fell in love with so much! Sure a lot of them are investment pieces, but some are quite affordable as well! These are the pieces I recently picked up:

Amazon Medallion Bib $44



Bamm Bamm Layering Necklace $15

This piece was part of the “buried Bauble” and is no longer available. Below are links to similar pieces.

Olympus Layered Pendant  $52


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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