Never had I ever seen a black so dark or a blue so clear..

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Walking out onto the beach on our first night, I was astounded by the blackness of the ocean. It almost sounds ridiculous how surprised I was by how far it reached and how dark it was. Though stars shone in the sky and the moon was bright and large, when I looked out into the sea, I only saw a shade so dark, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before — yes, it was an experience.

One of the first thoughts that popped into my head was that creatures actually lived in this darkness. I could not imagine living in a place so lacking of light.

To both sides of the ocean, splattered across the landscape were tall buildings, clubs, resorts, tourist traps all bustling and full of life at the late hour. Not another human soul was out on that beach that night. The lounge chairs were empty, so we laid across them, staring into the blackness, realizing just how small and insignificant we are.

I could not see the ocean, I could only hear it. I could hear the waves ebbing and flowing rather softly, unlike the roaring waves off the Oregon coast. The waves in Cancun were much like the people. Friendly, calm and content.

The days were as bright as the nights were dark. Shades of greens and blues I had never seen before were illuminated before me as I glanced towards the sea each morning. Palm trees were scattered all over and the crystal clear waves spread out as far as the eye could see, reaching it’s grasp as far as it could.

I envied the people who woke up to this sight every day and who fell asleep listening to the calm waves every night. I envied them as we drove through the Isla Mujeres (a short ferry ride away from Cancun) where the thin strip of island was packed full of colorful houses. This was the real Mexico. I knew that.

We drove by houses, some quite large and some very small, all of them having backyards that led into the sandy beaches and all of them having the clear blue waters to look at everyday. My favorites were the small humble houses, with grand names like Casa Elena and Casa Isla and specifically an orange and pink one titled Casa Coral. To others, these houses could have looked small and sad, perhaps holding 2 people comfortably at best, but I knew they held entire families, and the people living in them probably didn’t have the newest iPhone or the largest flatscreen tv, but they had an ocean in their backyard, as did everyone on the island, and because of that I knew that they could possibly live more fulfilled lives than I do.

The people were happy. I had never in my life met friendlier people. Everyone smiled in Cancun, everyone looked you in the eyes and smiled at you and everyone tried their best to say kind things to us, despite their English not being the best.

I loved the people of Cancun.  I loved the oceans of Cancun. I loved the Palm trees. I loved the days and the nights.

Adios Cancun, hope to see you again sometime.