Start your week off right with one of the best suggestions I have ever made on this blog. 

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of CoverFx as a whole. I haven’t yet tried a product from the brand that I don’t like and some of the things  that I love in particular are the CoverFx highlighting drops – I use those things like crazy, whether I mix them in with foundation, mix the with body lotion, mix them into a self-tan or just use them as nature intended on the tops of my cheekbones, they are my go-to highlighting product.

I had mixed feelings about the Glitter drops simply because I wasn’t sure how they would look on the cheeks. Truthfully, I haven’t even used them on my cheeks. What this product does for me is life changing. I was dumb-founded when I first tried them  – which was in the Sephora when I put way too much of it over my arm. Since then, I haven’t gone a day without rubbing these wonder product all over my chest and décolletage, over my shoulders and arms and really any visible skin on my body.


I will be posting a full review on this product after I’ve tried it on my cheek and I will show the other two shades as for now I only have one in the shade Mirage, but I wanted to upload this to let you know about my newest obsession that keeps me glowing like Kardashian.

Fair warning though: you’ll have to be okay with being super glittery to like this.


I have a video on my instagram of the product catching the light and some added help from Kirakira! Check it out @theamberarchives




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