Great news! The Desi x Katy and Dose of Colors collaboration restocks this Sunday September 24th so mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready. 


This collab sold out scary quick. It just goes to show how much of an amazing fan following The Squad has and how hard work really pays off. I was so excited and proud to see this collab come to fruition. I am hesitant to buy things online in general and was even more nervous since this is the first purchase I’ve ever made from Dose of Colors, although I always hear great things about the brand. That being said, I went in easy and only bought two items from the collab, however I do have some more that I’m considering purchasing when the relaunch happens this Sunday.








Hot Fire is stunning. Stunning. However to be completely honest I feel like I can still find shades like this elsewhere and it may be too similar to my tried and true Smashbox Thrill Seeker. One thing I really, really am thinking about buying is the Saváge liquid lipstick which is a deep oxblood color. The only thing holding me back is that I have ABH Potion liquid lipstick and I worry they would be too similar and that I wouldn’t get enough use out of them. As for the lipsticks and the rest of the lip range, it’s all pretty but nothing is really jumping out at me. The lipsticks are $16 and the liquid lips are $18.  Now, saving the best for last, the Over The Top Lipgloss  which is $15. I am so in love with this lipgloss. Like I said in my last post, I am very excited about the return of the gloss and the gold flecks of this one had me in love from the first time I saw it. It is so incredibly moisturizing – hands down the most moisturizing lip gloss I’ve ever worn. It has a wonderful flat double sided applicator that I like as well. The only negative about this is that the glitter flecks themselves don’t stay on the lips very long, but I don’t ever mind reapplying a lippie if it’s this comfortable. This item I WILL be repurchasing on Sunday.





Arguably one of the most hyped up products from this collaboration this eyeshadow palette looks like the type of product that is right up my alley and I don’t even care that I need to wet some of the shades which has some people annoyed. Did the palette live up to the hype? I’m not sure. Yes, it’s very pretty but I feel like it’s not the stunning shimmer that I get from my Jouer Skinny dip palette and on top of that, I feel like I already have all of these eyeshadow shades. I bought this because although I already have dupes I thought the formulation of this would blow me out of the water so hard that I still needed it but I don’t feel that way and I will not be repurchasing the palette. I’m glad I bought it, but I won’t be picking up a back-up. Also, TBH I can’t say I can really tell a difference when the shadows are wet or not and Suz is very, very powdery IMO.


(Top photo with flash, bottom with no flash)


SUZ – This is a pretty champange shade and one of the two shades that needs to be used wet. This is stunning, but I find it very similar to Skinny Dip from Jouer.

NOLI- My favorite shade from the quad is this bronze-y shade which I find to be quite unique. I love this all over the lid with a red lip like YAS *fire emoji*

TURBOSAN- Another pretty shade that I expected more from, this shade has a multidimensional tone to it and looks very pretty sheered out on the lid or packed on, however it isn’t enough to get to buy another palette.

HARPOON (wet) – This is the one I had the most hope for. I love a green eyeshadow. Like I love it. My favorite eyeshadow of all time is ABH Truffle Glitter and I like Harpoon too, but that’s just because it reminds me so much of Truffle Glitter.


Again, some absolutely stunning product releases and I definitely think if I had them that I would use the hell out of them as they look so BRIGHT, however because I have sooo many highlights already and these shades didn’t look like anything that I didn’t already have I passed on them. But, if you are still building your highlight collection, I’ve always heard great things about Dose of Colors so I would say to go for it!


There are a few things I am still considering from the collab and I might be picking up those items this Sunday. I will update you if I do and please leave me a comment or a DM if you buy anything from the Desi x Katy and Dose of Colors collaboration.

Thanks for reading!