Eyebrows on Fleek Routine – 2015

Growing up with bushy brows that I absolutely hated I never thought I would see a day where fluffy, full brows would be in. I was ashamed of my caterpillars brows and now, years later, I’m actually growing them out! Read on for my brow story and what products and methods I use to keep my face-framers in perfect condition.

Brows of the Past

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I had a unibrow for a large portion of my life and was teased for it. Being Indian, I just have to live with the fact that we are hairy people and I would never want to change my ethnicity. So, I opted for changing my brows. When I was finally allowed to begin grooming my brows, I waxed them down to thin, very arched lines – and continued to wear them this way for years. I was under the impression that since all of my features on my face were already slight, that my eyebrows had to be too. Boy was I wrong. Having a thin, well structured face with a thin nose and thin eyebrows was an overbearing amount of thin. Now that I have thicker, fuller brows they really help to balance my face better.

Another horrible thing that I was putting my brows through (that I vow to never do again) is bleaching them! I can sort of understand my past self wanting to bleach my brows when I had the lighter, caramel colored hair but find that it was completely unnecessary when I had the red color. While a light color may call for lighter brows, I find that a deep red color on the head and a strong dark brow looks stunning and fierce (who even says that anymore? lol).

Brows of the Now

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I find it laughable that when I had the thinner, sparse brows I never used brow products on them. I just thought that my brows were good enough how the salon lady did them and that was it. Nowadays, I use a couple of products every single day on my brows to keep them looking fluffy and full but not ginormous and unkept. Whereas I love having a fuller brow (after all, it is a major trend thanks to Cara Delevigne) I have to remember that my face is still the same thin face, with high cheekbones and a slim nose, meaning that the brows can be big, but not too big, or else they shall take over my entire face. The key to having perfect brows is balance. 

Brow Care

As of right now, my brow care consists of getting my eyebrows waxed every two weeks or as needed. I visit the salon less frequently if I keep up with the plucking on my own, but if I don’t then I find that I make my appointments about every two weeks. Pro Tip: Shop around to find a good salon to get your brows done at, and then make sure to explain exactly how you like your brows – maybe even bring pictures! Once the esthetician does your brows exactly the way you like them, make sure to always book him/her to ensure you get your brows on fleek every single time.

While I always get my brows waxed here in the U.S, when I visit India I make sure to get them threaded. Threading is an amazing technique very common in India. The best look I had ever had with my brows was because of threading – the curve of the brow was perfect and rounded, the length of the brow was exactly how I liked it and the technique is a lot easier on the skin than applying a hot wax and ripping it off. For those of you who have extremely delicate skin – try it!

A warning though: threading is a lot more painful. With wax you can rip out multiple hairs at once, but threading is a lot like tweezing where you have to go in and get individual hairs. Whilst threading you have to hold your skin taut while the hairs are being pulled out with thread which pulls the hairs out deeper from the root than wax.

Here is a video on how to thread your brows yourself at home:

Also for your enjoyment, a Buzzfeed video of people getting their eyebrows threaded for the first time:

Brow Routine


I take a clear gel or clear mascara and run it through my brows to hold them into place, then go in with my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade on an eyeliner brush to fill in or thicken any parts of the brow that need the extra help.

Full review on the Dipbrow Pomade here: https://theamberarchives.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/anastasia-beverly-hills-dipbrow-pomade-review/


Many times a week before bed I will run a bit of Vaseline or the Givenchy Mister Lash serum on my brows before bed.

I also take a Biotin vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails and since those vitamins are not area-specific, my brows do reap some benefits. Keep in mind: your brows will grow faster, meaning more visits to the salon or more frequent plucking sessions – ouch!

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