First Impressions on the Fenty Foundation Formulation — try saying that ten times fast. 



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Let me start off by saying that this foundation had me a little confused as it was one of those that others liked on my skin, but I was not a fan of.


Is Fenty for the dry skin babes?

I decided to put Fenty foundation to the test and decided to wear only Fenty foundation all day for three days – spanning Saturday, Sunday and Monday. To be honest, after how dry and tight Fenty felt on my face on Saturday, I had to give my skin reprieve on Sunday. This morning (Monday) I went in with significantly less foundation, simply dotting it around on my face and patting in. As I write this I have been wearing a light layer of Fenty foundation for 10 hours and while my skin does not feel as dry as it felt a couple of hours into wearing a heavier amount on Saturday, I can’t say that my skin feels as comfortable as it normally does. Frankly, Fenty foundation is not formulated for dry skin.

Also, I felt like the foundation exaggerated my pores especially around my nose and it looks dried and cakey around the sides of my nose, between my eyebrows and on my forehead.

The other thing that makes this foundation a no-go for me is the shade range that is impossible to match. I got matched to a 320 in store but I did not like that shade at all on the back of my hand so when I went back, I matched myself to a 290. Whereas this is a much better match, I do feel that the foundation leaves me looking slightly ashy and washed out – however every other shade just had too much peach pigmentation to it.


Would I purchase?

Yes, it is a full coverage foundation and I would also say it is a long-wear foundation. Now, my research suggested that this is definitely a foundation better suited for oily skin — however, I have asked and polled different co-workers from different skin backgrounds and even the oily girls said they didn’t like the foundation because it broke down in the oily areas. Does that mean you have to have perfect, normal, even balanced skin for Fenty foundation? I’d say so. I only have one person who claimed they would buy the Fenty foundation (I C U NATALIE) but she did say that her oils did come through at the end of the day. That still leaves us with a  1/5 rate for purchasing. Now this is just a small sample, so take it how you will and proceed with caution. My best advice would be to make sure you get it color matched in a store and get a sample to wear in different lighting.


Have you tried Fenty foundation, and if you have, did you like it?

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