Forever 21 Haul – Outerwear Style, Shoes, etc.

I am obsessed with outerwear and have been so for the majority of this year – every time I go shopping (which is frequent) I end up buying at least one piece of outerwear. And why not? Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have to put up with my fair share of rain and cold weather. On some days, jackets are kept on all day, being the focus point of the outfit – so why not make it fabulous? Throughout the rest of the year you’ll see me donning stunning jackets in my OOTD posts. If you live in a chillier climate, go grab these affordable pieces from F21 while they’re still available!

Below are 5 of my picks from this Forever 21 trip and one pair of shoes as an added bonus!

Grey long coat:

I saw this and absolutely had to have it. It has a sexy sophisticated look to it and totally makes me think of Britain – even though I’ve never been there. I want to put this on and go drink tea in a cozy cafe. I feel like this stylish selection is great for school – its classy but casual.


Tan/Gold Jacket:

This jacket looks like leather but is actually a fabric blend. This piece will look stunning over any color and the soft rose gold hue to the metal gives it a super chic look. The fit is very flattering and provides the illusion of curves. The back is slightly cinched in the middle to further aid in the hourglass silhouette of this piece.

haul3 haul4

Blue vest:

I tend to stray away from vests usually but this one was such a precious shade of blue I had to have it. The silver hardware against the cool tone of the blue was the perfect match – it keeps the piece soft but still allows it to have a bit of edge. It features pockets which are handy (pun?).



Deep Green top:

I adored the buttons along the back of this and the fact that the front was plain, giving this top versatility. You could layer this under anything, or wear it on its own. This was 15 dollars is such a bargain; you can get away with wearing this with so many things it practically pays for itself. This top is available in four other colors, I believe. Here is a link to purchase it from F21 and the color options.




Chunky Black Shoes:

I am crazy about these. I set them down and picked them up again probably thrice. Finally, I realized I could not live without them and here they are. The chunky heel in the back helps provide support so you do not have to sacrifice comfort or height. They have laces which are a nice edgy touch and a tag on the shoes claims that they will get a more vintage look with wear – which is great and totally on trend.


And with that, I conclude this haul. You can expect another soon, but for now thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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