Accessories are something that I fall in and out of love with over the years. Currently, I am back in love with them. Especially, since I work in an environment in which I tend to wear a lot of all-black outfits. The same old, same old gets boring after a while and so different accessories help to break up the monotony of a look. Read on for my OOTD from the other night where I wore an all black outfit but dressed it up with some on-trend pieces for this season: 

Blazer: H&M 

T-shirt: Forever 21 

Jeans: Hollister 

Belt: H&M 

Bag: Anne Klein 

Shoes: SheIn 

The western style belt was a hot piece for 2015 through part of 2016 but now it is back with a force and all thanks to the revival of the cowboy trend. This one has studding all around the belt giving your look the hint of gold from every angle. The loafers are, of course, Gucci inspired but at a fraction of the cost and are incredibly comfortable – so much so that you can wear them to work to accessorize an outfit in a subtle but effective way. 

Thanks for reading.