The Fenty forty. 
I must admit, I have mixed feelings about Fenty beauty, just like I have mixed feelings about any celebrity beauty brand launch. I am coming to this post without any biases and simply am offering a third party view on the whole Fenty drama. If you know me, you know I love/am obsessed with Kim Kardashian but you’ll also note I don’t have any reviews of her products either (yet).
My main issue with Fenty beauty is actually the excessive hype around her brand because I honestly think it is unfounded. Her fans are just blindly loving her makeup because…its Rihanna. Let me break it down for you.


First of all, Trendmood shared on her page her excitement about what she called “the biggest launch in the beauty industry”. Is it tho? Sure, Fenty beauty is offering something unique than what MOST brands are offering which is a wide shade range for people of color (we will get back to this point) but it’s not providing anything revolutionary that doesn’t already exist in makeup nor is it coming from someone who is a figurehead in makeup (more on this below). The hype on this stuff is insane and from what I’m seeing/experiencing the products are not living up to the hype.


This was the main topic of conversation for Fenty beauty. The foundations! The forty foundations! I think when new stuff comes out, people tend to get so wrapped up in the excitement that they forget about the OG products and brands that have been doing the damn thing for years. Let’s be clear – Fenty are not the first or the only to have 40 or more foundation shades. Did we all forget about the iconic Makeup Forever HD foundation and what about Lancome for crying out loud, which has 10 foundations which total to 185 shades and a shade range of 40 shades in their long-wear matte formula of Teint Idole. Lupita Nyong’o is the frickin face of Teint Idole foundation and I don’t really see Lancome getting much praise for their extensive shade range, which has some of the deepest shades I have seen
Earlier this week when MUFE posted on their instagram page TOTALLY NOT SHADING Fenty saying innocently that “40 shades is nothing new to us…” and going on to share how since 2015 they have released 40 shades that take into account all different skin tones and undertones, Fenty fans came hard for MUFE. I saw nothing wrong with this but Rihanna’s fans came for MUFE and the bad gal herself posted “still ashy” and “shook” on the MUFE post. Seriously, how mature. Smh. MUFE is the #1 selling foundation in all of Sephora company which I don’t think they could do if they were “ashy”.
One of the things Rihanna’s fans were calling MUFE out on is the fact that Fenty launched their brand with 40 foundations and didn’t have to take time to develop their deep skin tones and even dragged Benefit into the conversation stating they are a brand that does not at all provide products for deeper skin tones and claimed they were racist. I have a couple of things to say about this: firstly, yes, sure, Rihanna’s Fenty brand came out with 40 shades right at launch, however if you do your research you will know that Fenty Beauty is owned by Kendo, which is the parent company for brands such as Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D, among others. Rihanna has a big parent company like Kendo behind her who has all of the research already on developing deeper skin tones. Rihanna did not sit in a  lab and make all of these herself. MOREOVER, the shade range is actually not as amazing as everyone says it is – take a look at the image below. The majority of these shades are lights and  mediums with only a handful of the intense deep shades her fans are insisting the line is full of. Then let me comment about the Benefit thing– IMO I don’t think they should even be dragged into this– but I had attended a Benefit training myself when Porefessional foundation was launched and Benefit told us themselves that they were not happy with the undertones of their deep shades and so they will work on it until it is right and launch the shades then. Which is smart on their part, why would they launch shades they know won’t work just to say they’ve launched them? Leave Benefit Alone!


I went and played with Fenty products the day they launched and they were okay. I was especially intrigued by a highlight duo that I wanted to use as a blush, but the two shades looked completely identical swatched on my skin and some of the products like the white highlighter completely fell flat. And ok, yes, Trophy Wife is pretty but ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE and people need to stop overexposing this product because it is one of the clear winners. It feels like with all the hype with Trophy Wife, bloggers are trying to distract from the rest of the line being not that great. Another product fans kept hyping initially was the foundation, which I thought needed more time and wear tests and the raving reviews seemed a bit too soon.


A week or so after initial response was when people came out of the woodworks talking about how the Fenty foundation is not as good as everyone was proclaiming previously. I have heard that the foundation is especially bad for anyone with dry skin and that even normal skin consumers may find that the foundation is too dry and sits strange on the skin. Another complaint is that the foundation dries on the skin very quickly and must be worked with in haste.


I have to be completely honest – when I first found out that Rihanna was coming out with a makeup line a couple years ago, I was genuinely confused. Why Rihanna? Rihanna is not known for doing her own makeup nor does she necessarily have iconic makeup looks like, say, Kim Kardashian. I think Rihanna or her people just saw that the beauty industry is booming (it’s been growing at a steady rate of 6%) and wanted to capitalize on it. To be really honest, I don’t get the Puma collab either, since Rihanna isn’t even big into fitness. Now, a loungewear line from Rihanna I get. A swimwear line – I get that. A rolling papers line – Ok, yup. But makeup – I’m sorry, no.


People were just hyping this brand and kissing Rihanna’s ass because a.) she has a giant, very loyal following that they don’t want to be attacked by and b.) I have to say this – but they attack anyone who has anything negative to say by pulling the race card. Rihanna’s fans are coming for just about anyone who has anything negative to say by saying that they are simply tearing down a black woman and do not applaud the successes of black women. I don’t even know what to say on this because it is such a crazy conclusion to jump to that it has left me speechless. Rihanna’s fans are attacking people left and right and making the beauty space feel very toxic. I get being a fan of someone, I get being infatuated with a celebrity, but attacking random people for not kissing ass is absurd.


Ok, so with all of this Fenty Foundation talk, of course I had to give it a try myself. I tried to match myself in Sephora, but to be honest this foundation is hard to match even with the 40 shades. I don’t really like the undertones as they seem too prominent. I got matched to a 320 by a Sephora employee and went in today after not liking it on my hand and matched myself to a 290. That’s such a jump – showing that this foundation range is all over the place. But, before I go on judging, I have to be trying.
I will be wearing Fenty foundation all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday and for Monday’s post I will post my review, my shade and any shade I may have regarding it. Currently, nothing else from the brand is on my must-have list, though I am intrigued by the lip gloss.
As always, I will keep you posted. And please, no more attacking people for not loving a brand as much as you do. And please, let’s review things because we like the products and not just the people behind them.
Thanks for reading!

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