Pretty packaging can only get you so far.

Like practically everyone else in the beauty industry, I freaked out when I saw the photos online of the new Lancome La Rose Blush Poudrer. The perfect spring launch, this fine powder (meant for highlight) is placed on a gorgeous pink rose atop which you are meant to swirl the brush to pick up the product and lightly dust onto the high points of the face. I was eager to get my hands onto thus magical product and as soon as I did… I was taken aback. The product did…nothing. At all. So instead, I thought to dust it all over the face (disclaimer: I must admit when I first saw the product I did think it was an all over face powder, so that’s why I dusted it all over my face) and whereas if you pick up enough product and it does come on, the product is still sort of lackluster. I was disappointed to say the least. However, I was also inspired to make this post because I do have a Lancome favorite which is an amazing powder to dust all over the face if you do want a lit glow — and it’s $2 whole dollars cheaper!

The product in question is the Lancome Absolue Radiant Smoothing Face Powder. It comes in 8 different shades and whereas I love all of them, the one I fell head over heels for was Absolute Golden. The shimmer catches the light in such a gorgeous, pinky golden tone and I get compliments on my complexion when the sun, the light or any sort of illumination hits it.


I did try to photograph the two powders but it turns out shooting face powders is incredibly difficult as they are so finely milled and that the La Rose Poudrer doesn’t even show up, making comparison photos worthless. Either way, a camera could not do justice to these gorgeous powders. I insist you check out your local Lancome counter and see them in person.


The best part of the Absolue powder, though it is expensive is that it is the price makes total sense when you see how much product you get. Whereas the Lancome La Rose Blush Poudrer highlight is $60 for 1.6 grams the Absolue powder is 10 grams for $58. The price may still seem steep, but in comparison to the ever so popular Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder which is $26 and contains 3.96 grams.



Here’s a video that I found on Lancome’s website with Jaclyn Hill featuring the Absolue powder in her June Favorites!



Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


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