The perfect foundation is almost too good to be true…

Lancome is a brand that I have completely fallen head over heels for since working at Macys. It’s one of my favorite counters to work at and a counter/brand that I can see myself wanting to work for full time one day. I love the sophisticated elegance of the brand and the fact that it is equal parts a color brand as well as a skincare brand. When news broke that Lancome would be doing a custom foundation, I was eager to see if there was a location available near me. Lo and behold, just three hours north in my bustling birthplace of Seattle, WA in their flagship Nordstrom holds one of the 11 locations in the entire country that offer this unique and luxurious experience. I’ll be honest, the price-point is steep, but not as bad as I expected. So, for my birthday I decided to treat myself to my perfect foundation. This is my experience and my review for Lancome Le Teint Particulier.



The main question – is it really the perfect match?

Yes and no. I’m saying no because I think the lights were a little too bright in the Nordstrom and thus the foundation was a little too light for me. The reality is that skin changes so much throughout the seasons so I don’t know if an $80 foundation is a wise choice. I am sure this foundation will be a perfect match for me in the winter time but for now it is not something I reach for.





When you go in for the foundation, the beauty advisor will ask you how you want the finish of your foundation and whether it should be matte, dewey, full coverage or medium. I asked for a full coverage dewey foundation but was told that if I wanted dewey then the best I could get was a medium coverage. I was perfectly fine with this and proceeded – but the foundation I got isn’t exactly dewey but rather a satin finish that can be built up to a medium to full finish. The foundation feels and looks like Teint Miracle/ Absolue. Don’t get me wrong, I like Teint Miracle quite a lot – to be honest, I love all Lancome foundations that I’ve tried. The issue though is that I don’t need to spend $80 for Teint Miracle. And even if I just went with Absolue, I would still be paying less. 



The foundation comes in a white bottle totally different from all the other Lancome foundations. However, I have to be honest that it feels very light-weight and frankly, cheap. It also comes with a sticker attached to the front that will say your name or any name that you choose and a complexion ID so that if you want to get another bottle of the foundation without visiting any of those exclusive stores, you can just call on the phone and give your complexion ID number and have it sent to you in the mail.





While I love Lancome and always will – for me, this foundation is not worth it. I would much rather buy two shades of Teint Miracle for $47 each than pay $80 for a foundation I can only wear during the winter months (which I will probably be self-tanning for anyway). If your skin does not fluctuate as much as mine does, then I would definitely say to go in and give it a try if you can. For me, I have returned the foundation (yep! you can return the foundation even though it is custom made!) and will be sticking with my other tried and true (and much less expensive!) favorites.




Thanks for reading!




*image taken from the Lancome website.