Lifestyle: Summer Goals

Rihanna pretty much summed up my summer in a song: work work work work work. 

To be completely honest, I feel as if I have wasted the entire summer.

Summer was alway an exciting time for me, time for fun in the sun, freedom and long nights and laughing until my stomach hurt. Here in the PNW, summer also means some warmth (and boy has it been warm) so outdoor activites like going to the beach, the river or relaxing in one of our many stunning parks are available. However, like I said, I feel I have wasted the summer. When I reflect back on my summer, I note that I have filld it with one thing and one thing only: work. And the wrong kind at that.
For the first three months, it was BBW and now for the last month I’m working upto 30+ hours a week plus coming in on my day’s off to cover shifts at Macy’s.  This has left little room for fun, relaxation and a plethora of goals I wanted to achieve this summer – mainly producing quality blog posts and videos. I have done some of these, but they are nowhere near anything I can be exceptionally proud of. And to top it all off, I start school on the 30th, meaning my schedule will be even more taxing. There is only so much I can do. If I could remove anything from the equation, it would be school, but that is something I can’t do. In fact, I can’t remove anything, I can only add more (well, I suppose sleep will have to be greatly reduced).
At the beginning of the month I started to experience this dreaded feeling, I felt weighed down and severely anxious. Knowing I have intense anxiety I chopped it up to being there because I was nervous of goig back to school, when in reality it was because I felt like I had neglected / not lived upto my own expectations regarding the blog and my youtube channel. When school ended in May, I was thrilled for three months of just spending days on blog posts, filming youtube videos and getting my life where I want it to be. Before I even noticed, August came.

This feeling got even more intense nearly every time I went on twitter or instagram, seeing the gorgeous likes of Alexis Ren and other gorgeously tanned teenagers and young 20 somethings living up their summer goals and having the time of their lives. Meanwhile I was wearing a blue checkered apron. This summer was not summer goals.


Time flies. Especially when you’re spending it working away. This summer reminds me of the viral vine of the young girl sighing “working my life, wish I could just stop and go on a cruise”. Except there is no cruise, on the contrary there is only more work to do.

The best advice that I can give is to save up your money, work hard when you need to and make sure you take time to relax. I will always have great memories of the summers I spent enjoying myself and perhaps not so many great memories of summers spent endlessly working retail.



With all of that said, I feel motivated and ready to put my energy where it needs to be.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!



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