Mid-Terms Haul

This haul has been brought to you courtesy of a stressful week due to mid terms, assignments and my intense need for retail therapy. With that, let’s begin!

Grey button down:


I’ll start with this as its the only item from this boutique called Etiquette which has great pricing but I’ve only found in my local mall. I loved the simplicity of this piece and some of you may know grey is my favorite color to wear to a grey button down was greatly needed. This was 9 dollars and I do like it goes down lower in the back.

Forever 21:

Pink Assymetrical coat:

image (8)

The search for the perfect pink coat has been plagueing me since I stumbled upon one at Express that was over 200 dollars! This one is very similar and the fit is amazing and was priced at 48 dollars – less than half of the coat at Express. Both are pictured below.

Interested in the fashion statement of a pink coat? Here are some from Forever 21’s website!


Long black coat:

image (10)image (11)

For 30 dollars I threw out my “no more coats” rule and grabbed this item! I realized I do not have a black coat and this was so great I could not do without it – it’s lightweight and loose so it can be layered or can be worn during the fall and even into those chilly spring nights. The sights give it a beautiful feminine shape and helps it flow when you walk.
The only complaint I ave for this is the lack of a front closure – a small zip or a few buttons would have made this much better.

Fuzzy white cardigan:

photo (16)

I was torn between whether I wanted a fuzzy white sweater or cardigan and opted for a cardigan since I had fuzzy sweaters like this already. I would love to do a winter lookbook with this – it is quite warm and is well suited for winter. (Wanna see? Check out my last haul!)

White and black v-neck sweater:

image (7)

I have seen so many stores do some sort of rendition of this but I really wanted one that was white with black accents and one I could buy in store – I got really lucky at Forever 21 this time around and I got this great piece. The neck has quite a plunge as you can see but can be modified with a camisole underneath. I pulled mine up so that not a lot of cleavage could be seen as this does dip lower. Word of caution: Do try this on at the store before purchasing.

Green Scarf:

image (6)

I love jewel tones on me and this green is such a fabulous color for fall and winter so I grabbed this. This would look great with so many things and I loved that it’s not green with red (there were some if you’d like) so that its not too chrismas-y

Lavender Blazer:

image (5)

I have saved the best for last. I have had my family and close friends on the HUNT for a lavender blazer. Things had gotten so desperate that I looked online for days but couldn’t find one. I was willing to pay any price. Thankfully, as I was pre-gaming for my impending shopping trip I found this gem on the website but it was labelled under the spin-off brand Love 21. Hope was almost lost but I walked into that store anyway and asked the first employee if they had it in store. She regretfully told me that no, they did not and I had lost all excitement. I slowly trudged over to the contemporary section of the store and in between some tan button down tops I saw some soft purple catch my eye. I walked over (mind you this was not even 15 feet from where I spoke with the employee) and there was the blazer, along with 5-6 others. Not saying it was her fault, but she could have at least tried to look. Customer service issues aside, I love this blazer so much and am so so glad to have my hands on it.

H&M White Blazer

image (9)

I have been looking at a white blazer for so long but I bought this one for myself for my birthday from Nastygal and paid a hefty sum. I could not allow myself to buy another white blazer while having this and never having worn it but I just could not seem to pair the cape blazer with anything to make it casual enough, and this cream blazer ended up being my loophole, albeit a 25 dollar loophole. I love the silver zipper detail and love that this is lightweight enough to wear even in the warmer months. This blazer is going to be fantastic year-round.

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