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I must admit that part of the reason that I wear false lashes on a daily basis is because of the simple fact that I hate wearing mascara. I hate buying it, I hate applying 3-4 coats of it to get anywhere near the effect I get with a falsie and mostly, I can’t stand the way my lashes feel when they have mascara on. They feel wiry and crunchy. Touching them makes me shudder. Now over time, I had found a few mascaras that gave such a nice false lash effect that I would sometimes go through the process of actually applying mascara. It’s still nowhere near the look that I get with my strip lashes but its better than nothing and cheaper. But still, the mascara never felt amazing on my lashes. They felt crunchy.


Then, the most amazing new mascara came onto the market. It was buzzed about a lot. The mascara promised to be weight-less and promised to make your lashes feel like you had nothing on them while delivering a jet black product that would resist water and smudges. Too good to be true right? Well, when Benefit Cosmetics, arguably one of the G.O.A.T.s in the world of mascaras released BadGal Bang, my world was changed forever. 

The Benefit BadGal Bang is so incredibly light-weight, is so incredibly black and is so incredibly long-wearing that it has totally replaced all of my previous holy grail mascaras. It lengthens like a dream, and not to mention the things it does to my under-eyes makes me swoon all while making my lashes feel like there’s nothing there. Moreover, back to my precious falsies, the fact that this mascara has aero-particles and is so lightweight makes it the perfect mascara to help blend my own lashes to my falsies and keeps them from getting weighted down which ultimately prolongs the lifespan of my falsies making it the perfect companion to eyelashes, both real and fake.

At the price of $24 dollars, this mascara is $8 dollars cheaper than my previous favorite mascara and much easier to find everywhere. If you are in the market for a mascara that feels like it’s barely there but packs a BANG, then look no further bad gals. 

Thanks for reading.