The time was right, the cause was good and I was dying to get some ink into my skin already!

I got my first tattoo.

I’ll be honest, I was very nervous to get it done as this design is not something I thought about for an extended period of time. It was sort of made up on the spot and thought out all in less than a week. This is crazy to me as I am normally someone who prescribes to the tattoo rule that you should want something for at least a year before getting it done to avoid tattoo regrets (or ragrets) later on.

However, I got this tattoo in support of one of my best friends who is currently dealing with and fighting against breast cancer. Her good friend and tattoo artist was holding a fundraiser for her at his shop so I thought, hey, why the hell not! Spoiler alert: I have no regrets.


So what is it and where and why…. I am here to answer all of your questions!


My tattoo is something that I got in honor of my grandfather (who is still very much alive) and is one of my favorite people to ever have graced this planet. My grandfather lives in India and his garden is full of this particular flower, known by a couple of names such as Indian Night Jasmine, Night Blooming Jasmine, Paripat, etc. It gets these names because it only blooms and releases scent at night, thus giving it one of its other names which is perhaps the most popular name of this flower, “queen of the night” and in Hindi “raat ki rani”. So, that’s what my tattoo says, it translates to Queen of the Night and has a depiction of a jasmine budding beneath it.

One of my favorite memories with my grandfather is when he took my sister and I out to his garden when we were much younger and showed us this beautiful garden that came alive after the sun went down. He proceeded to tell the two of us the name of the flower and that like this flower is the queen of the night, we are the queens of his heart.


I got this tattoo beneath my thumb because, if you haven’t already noticed, I always wear a thumb ring and these thumb rings have always come from my grandparents so the placement being there made more sense to me.


Now, some people may snicker and jeer at the tattoo and think that “queen of the night” may have some unsavory connotations and to those people I say: fuck off.

My words on my skin do not necessarily apply to me but even if they were intended to do so, then god damn right I am the queen of the night. I have gone through some incredibly dark nights in my life and I always conquer them and live to see the light of the day. Through my own health scares, losing my brother, my mom’s cancer, etc. I have proved myself. I have the right to wear this crown.

That being said, I maintain, the tattoo is not referring to me – it simply portrays a beautiful and innocent memory I have with a man who is the closest thing to God in my life.


And for those of you that want to make a joke about it, then make your joke and while you’re there go ahead and unfollow me too, because I’ll just end up blocking you. I’ve found that this tattoo can serve a dual purpose: it can be the sorting measure that divides the two types of people in life – decent people and indecent people. Simple as that. It will help me classify those who I want to keep around me and those that I want to avoid.



As far as pain went, laser hurts so much more. This was barely painful, I would perhaps rate it a 2-3 on as scale of 10. It was very easy. But also, it’s very small. So, that’s also a factor. I am by no means going to start hashtagging “inked girls” or anything of the sort.



The challenge now is to see how I can incorporate it into the henna design I want done.

Wow, here’s a true and great archive post to get back into the swing of blogging. Sharing an experience of a first. I can’t quell this feeling of excitement. On that note, I am announcing that I am back to posting three days a week, so I’ll see you right back here on Wednesday.


Thanks for reading!