My Hair Disaster pt 2.



Just the fact that there is a part two just proves I didn’t learn my lesson.


A couple of months back I was just innocently scrolling through pinterest, where most of my unhealthy decisions happen. Up comes a picture of my queen and one of my many celebrity spirit animals, Nicole Richie. Nicole, being as stylish as ever, was rocking blue hair as pictured below. I have an entire blog post on this so I’ll save you the details but naturally I also wanted blue hair after seeing the pictures. Lo and behold the genesis of hair disaster pt. 2.



If you remember hair disaster pt 1. (link here: ) then you’ll recall that in my attempt to get a cool brown/silver color I had chunks of green. This time I did not have chunks of green. No, no. This time around my hair was just green. This phase was my self proclaimed “green monster of the lagoon” phase.




image3 image5

Seeing these two images of what I wanted and what I got you may wonder, wow how did you mess that up? Well, just the same way I’ve messed up my hair before – by doing it myself. I was sure this gorgeous, multi-dimensional blue shade was something I could achieve myself despite my history of messing up my own hair. Furthermore, finding out that Nicole Richie used manic panic midnight blue on her ALREADY PLATINUM hair, I figured I’d get the same result.


You see, I knew it wouldn’t. So I decided to go two shades lighter.

Seriously you guys, Manic Panic is a hair stain and you do not know exactly what color your hair will turn and if its not right, it’s nearly impossible to get out. Always do a test strand… if not a few. I had done a test strand and was pleased with the result so I went ahead and did the entire head of hair, only to have bright green hair. It was practically neon. Those couple of weeks called for buns with baseball caps.

Then I decided to go to the salon I get my nails done at in order to save money and just have them put any navy color over my hair, figuring it would be light enough that with a darker blue it would be the right shade. I’ll spare the details, but this encounter actually made my hair look black again which was such a blow to me because I knew if my hair was too dark then nothing would work over it. I went home devastated and was so upset I instantly started calling up salons to see if I could strip this off of my hair. Luckily, my Komo was there for me to calm me down and remind me to LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE.




Finally, after simmering down that weekend I made an appointment for three weeks later. And thanks to the hair gods, the black faded out with each wash and the green shade was slowly making an appearance again… giving me a smokey green hair color that was my “evil monster from the lagoon” phase.

The wonderful lady at Ulta helped me get my hair back to a blue shade after three weeks of hiding out. She tried the best she could, even enlisting the help of the other stylists at the salon, to see what could be done with my hair. After mixing the right shades of blues, we finally came to a shade of green that I could live with for the moment. For the time being, I left my baseballs caps at home and just wore the hair, which got me several compliments, much to my surprise.

Finally, a few weeks of fade out and another session later, I finally again have hair that I love! This hair picture here is a result of some pravana shades and the hard work of my colorist Hayley.



You may also have noticed that I now have significantly shorter hair. My hair has never been this short before and while at first I was in such dismay (borderline ANTM makeovers dismay) now I’m actually enjoying it!


Where to From Here

Now I’m spacing out my sessions to about once every 3-5 weeks and we just do a bit of a trim and are going to add as much silver as we can to achieve the steel blue Nicole Richie has.




Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


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