So obviously there’s been quite a bit of change on my blog lately (and on my head) so today I am going to explain to you what happened, how I fixed it and what you can expect from me going forward.


If you’ve followed along with my blog since last year, you’ll have known that I tend to go lighter with my hair around the Autumn/Winter time. My reasoning for this? I absolutely love to wear my lipsticks on the darker side and my eyeshadows a bit smokier and I just feel like with the dark hair, I can look too goth and I also notice that I get some not so nice stares from older people.

Not one to sacrifice my lipsticks, I’d rather change my hair. So I did. And I immediately regretted it.

So I went to Teal Salon in Portland and was pleasantly surprised when they performed a test strand. This was the only salon I went to that did the test strand to ensure I would get the results I wanted and not have to pay for a hair job that I hated (which I did later do). The test strand was done perfectly. I was pleased with the result so I booked the appointment. The appointment was meant to go from 1-5, but I knew it would certainly last longer.


I showed up to the first appointment ready to be there for a while. We took some ‘before’ shots and the hair dresser got right to work. I stayed at the salon a total of 9 hours. No ‘after’ shots were taken as I left the salon with my hair a mess!

At first, everything was going fine. I kept asking if the hair was looking good, if it was turning out like the pictures I showed and she of course, kept saying yes. And I do think everything was going good until that final wash. The stylist was still dying my hair while in the washbowl which I find super comforting, so I was just lying there totally relaxed, and then as she was working toward the front of my hair (which I wanted in an intense balayage) she told me she had run out of the silver color. Now my hair was in a giant sink and I didn’t have much time to think of what to do. At this point it was around 8 pm and there was no way she could go get more. So I asked her my options, of which I only had two:

a. go darker in that area

b. place a color in the area

Now the color idea sounded intriguing and I knew if we ended up going dark in the area then it wouldn’t ever be able to properly lighten again, so I asked which color we could do and she told me she could mix a bit of a gray and purple and we could do lavender. Lavender balayage with grey/silver hair sounded amazing! I immediately thought of a style icon of mine, Nicole Richie!

But as you can probably tell, there was no Nicole Richie. You see, after my hair was finally finished after a long 8 hours and we were finally beginning the drying process, I caught a glimpse of my hair. At first I couldn’t believe it was my own head I was looking at – it had dark violet pieces as well as magenta/red pieces. I was shocked! I talked to the stylist and showed her what lavender my idea of lavender is (FYI, its not violet) and she then said that there is no way my hair would turn lavender. Thanks, a bit too late on that though. So then came time to strip the hair of the purple and red and try again.

By the time she got done stripping my hair, there were some nice gray/silver pieces but a lot of green towards the middle and end, and of course it being 9 pm, four hours past store closing and with no silver dye left, there was nothing she could do. I paid for the day and left, with an appointment made for two days later that would be of no cost to me. So I waited for two days, hiding my hair in buns or tucked into a coat.

image4  image3 image2

Ok are you ready? For obvious reasons I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the green hair but here’s one:



The second appointment lasted nearly 5 hours and she finally had more hair dye. Now although I loved the gray color that was in my hair previous, I did want a bit of black at the roots, so that when they grew out I could go longer between sessions.


C’mon, the grey was cute right?

There’s not much to say about this appointment other than when the look was finished I was hard pressed to find much grey. It was mostly at the bottom of the hair shaft, almost like an ombre (which I am not a fan of) and the rest of my hair was a brown color. There was no black and there was no silver. Moreover there were still bits of copper and red. I didn’t try to hide my disappointment and left the salon so horrified I knew I would never go there again.

Now following this appointment, I had definitely decided that I personally would not return to this salon and although I originally didn’t plan to write a horrendous review on Yelp, the stylist decided to have very unprofessional behavior, cancelled an appointment I made for someone else via TEXT and also without a test strand. That’s when I decided not to hide the name of the salon and decided that I would take my frustrations out on Yelp. I’m not sure what her problem was but she seemed cold and perhaps angry in her texts as if I was the one to turn her hair green and still take her money.

image9 image8

To the naked eye (aka when I hid the back section into a shirt) the chocolate color is kinda cute! But where did all that lovely silver color go?!


I kept the brown/gray/copper/green/purple/ and even blonde hair for about two weeks. Knowing my hair was still an absolute mess I went to my cousin who is an amazing hair dresser to get an evaluation and see if he could lighten my hair to the silver color I wanted. It was he who showed me what a wreck my hair actually was. He showed me a huge chunk of my hair in the back that had 3-4 different colors all in one strand, starting with brunette, then grey, then red, purple and green – all in one strand! I had rainbow head. So I did what was the best thing for me to do- I went back to black.

My fabulous cousin and colorist, Komo.

image11 image12


I would never want you to share the same ungodly hair fate as me, so I’ve accumulated some tips for you so that you don’t also get rainbow head — unless of course you want to.

  • Always try to have your stylist do a test strand if possible.
  • Make sure you explain your hair history (i.e. any procedures you’ve had done before, what colors you’ve dyed your hair before, etc.)
  • After your dye job make sure you ask what shampoos, conditioners or other products would be helpful in ensuring the color lasts longer, looks fresher, etc.
  • Bring multiple pictures of what you want to ensure you’ll get what you want.
  • Read reviews and research the stylist before giving your hair to them.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and hope you have better luck with your hair!

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  1. September 18, 2015 / 2:33 am

    Yikes!! At least everything was solved in the end. I hate when things go bad at the hairdresser, and sounds like this was a total nightmare.

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