Products I Am Thankful For!

Thanksgiving time is a time to be thankful for the amazing people, opportunities and blessings in your life. These products are all little blessings to me and are staples in my beauty routine – and the best part of it all, each are ten dollars or less!



Cakey makeup? Spray it with Fix+! Eye shadow needs more pigmentation? Spray it with Fix+! Makeup has set in and needs to be blended out hours later? Spray it with Fix+!

“An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!” (

Really though, this stuff is amazing.

This wonder product helps give the face a dewy finish that looks natural and lasts! Not only that, but it can help alter a caked-up look. The mist gently applies the product evenly to the face, not just concentrated in one area like many other setting sprays. Also, unlike the ELF spray, this one actually has a pleasant scent: in fact, it smells a lot like roses! The description given by MAC says that the scent is Sugi, which is a Japanese cedar.

“Sugi – also known as Japanese cedar – is popular as an ornamental plant in Japan and has a delicate, clean and energising fragrance…It’s a refreshing unisex scent that’s light but sophisticated, beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar, followed by iris from Florence and cedar from Virginia, and finished with pine and Haitian vetiver.” (

This product certainly costs more than the ELF spray (which is $3), but a 1 ounce bottle will only cost you ten dollars, an absolute bargain for a product many women ( I included) cannot go a day without. I have had my one ounce bottle for a few months now, spray two spritz a day, and have only gotten to the middle of the product. The travel size is great as I can fit it in my makeup pouch, toss it in my purse, and always feel secure knowing my makeup will look FLAWLESS.


NYX Slim Lip Pencil

“Slim, trim but never prim, our lip pencils come in a variety of dashing shades—from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery, long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding.”(

kylie-jenner-lip-injections kyliejennerlips

The “Kylie Jenner” look has been all the rage since this summer, and resist as you may, eventually every beauty lovin’ girl this year will go  into her stash of lip liners and see just how well she can pull off her own version of the mauve pout sweeping the makeup fanatics.  I have mine in the shade SPL860 Peekaboo Neutral, which is a natural brown with hints of pink and it matches my lip tone nearly perfectly. It’s matte color is fabulous on its own or with any color of lipstick over top. I don’t find the need to wear a lip liner that perfectly matches the color of the lipstick, but one that matches the lips can be worn with anything, and a small lip brush can help apply the color to any fine areas where you may have overdrawn the lip for the Kylie pout.


For $3.50 this lip pencil can go against even the MAC pencils! The description is spot on! This pencil does not bleed, is super smooth and slides on like a dream!

The only downside of this product is that it has to be sharpened, a retractable liner would be a lot more convenient, but for under five dollars, a pencil that works this well is just fine.


(picture from pinterest)

Vaseline with Cocoa Butter

This may seem like a strange addition, but this product has changed my life far more than any of the above. I will never stop repurchasing this. Vaseline can be used for so many things, seriously just google Vaseline uses and you’ll find some lists with a hundred products!

What do I use it for? I apply it to my eyelashes at night to help them grow and thicken, giving me a falsies look without the falsies! I apply it to my lips to make them super soft and luscious. Also, I apply it to my pressure points and then spritz perfume over the area to make the scent last for hours and hours! There are so many amazing uses for this stuff, and we all know you can get a large amount for just a couple of bucks. I would highly recommend the Cocoa Butter one, it smells amazing and can be applied over stretch marks to help reduce their appearance.

Here’s one list from Hedda Lettuce:

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