Review: BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush 2


It happened. I was suckered by Urban Outfitters. There I was minding my own business in line to check out and lo and behold: BH Cosmetics. I never knew one could purchase BH Cosmetics in store so I took the opportunity to try their stuff again, since I love their eyeshadows. I looked through the two available choices (which claim to contain 6 universally flattering shades each), Palette 1 and 2 and went for the second one as the blushes in the first seemed way over the top. Read on to read my feelings about the individual shades, which brushes I use for them and then the palette as a whole.




The very first pan in this palette is a white high light shade. This one I love and use on a daily basis to set my highlight, but never as a high light on its own as it has absolutely no flecks of shimmer. Use this if you want to achieve a matte strobing look.

Brush: Ecotools Large Fan

The brush is so incredibly fluffy yet dense – it’s the perfect brush for setting highlight or applying blush.



The second pan is a soft peach toned powder which is another one that I have for daily use. This one is great for setting anything under the eyes as it has a hint of orange, which is one of the best shades you can use to cancel dark circles under the eyes.

Brush: ELF Concealer Brush



The first blush of the palette, this is a milky pink shade which I do not use. It has a horrible consistency and has a very chalky look when swatched or applied. This pan is a total miss.



This one is described as a “honey” highlighter for deeper skintones by the BH Cosmetics video introducing this product, however I use this over top my bronzer to warm up my face and really can’t understand who would use this to highlight, since even for the deepest skin tones this product seems too warm and yellow toned for over the cheek. I can see this working well for under eye brightening for a deeper skin tone, but would highly advise you to keep this away from the tops of your cheekbones.

Brush: small powder brush (brand unknown)



This shade was the reason I purchased the palette in the first place, and although it worked well in the beginning, it has really become a huge disappointment. I’ve used the top layer of the product and now it is worthless (DOES IT NOT USUALLY WORK THE OPPOSITE WAY?!) I’ve had to rub my finger heavily into the product to get this horrible swatch and can feel my heart being crushed each and every time I try to pick up product with my brush.

Brush: ELF Angled Blush Brush



This final shade is the second of the blush colors and I’m still not impressed. I’ll use this occasionally just to use it, but am by no means blown away by it. The color is a decent, very natural looking coral and can give the skin a “I’ve just been in the sun all day” type of look, but it simply does not last on the skin.

Brush: Real Techniques Fan Brush

Palette as a Whole:

All in all, I’m not very impressed by the palette which is sad since I do enjoy BH Cosmetics products. There’s one pan that I absolutely refuse to use because of the chalky shade, and one that I no longer can use as the product won’t pick up. The white pan I use to set a highlight, but can be easily replaced by virtually any matte light eyeshadow. The second peach shade is truthfully the only reason I keep this palette in my collection.

PRICE: $12

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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