Review: Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk

Writing this post listening to Scotty Vanity’s “I Like Your Hair”. 



With that throwback, let’s get down to the review of Bumble and Bumble’s Spraychalk!



I’ve picked up two colors of this product, though there are many, many more. This line also has colors such as mint & pink as well as natural shades such as blonde, brunette, white (which sprays on as a silver on my hair) and a black that I saw at my store.







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Oops! I didn’t get proper shots of this color in my hair, here it is with some snapchat filters over it. You can see where parts of the color is more vibrant than others.






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Packaging is simple and cute. I love how each bottle has the color of the inner product on the outside (and it’s pretty darn accurate) and a spray that distributes the product evenly.




The product looks great when it’s first sprayed on, if you can get past the horrible powdery, paint smell. My sister couldn’t get past this and even the ladies at the store were saying they hold their breath when someone comes into the store and sprays this. I admit, it’s bad, but thankfully it doesn’t leave a horrible scent in your hair. What it does leave though is a horrible feeling. I cannot run my fingers through my hair when using this – my fingers get stuck and/or they come back colored!

This product is not something I would recommend if you want to use this on a daily basis. You’d have to wash your hair every time you use it and risk getting the color of the product on your clothes, hands and surroundings.

What I would recommend this for is for photos, parties, etc. For once in a while, this product is great. Also, for a $15 price tag and a pretty small bottle (it’s only ……oz.) you won’t get much every day use out of it.







The product does last a while! This part is great! While when I sprayed the Cobalt on my hair on Thursday, the product comes out bright blue. A bit too much for me! However, the next morning my hair faded to a gorgeous navy shade and I loved it.

An issue I have though is the fact that the color sprays on evenly, it fades so that parts of the color fades away, leaving patches in the hair. Not cute.











WHERE TO PURCHASE IT: Sephora, Bumble and Bumble, beauty stores.
PRICE: $15



Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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