Review: NYX Wonderstick + Swatches and How-To


Contour is the major trend in makeup right now! And with tons of new products coming into the market, both high end & drugstore, it can be really overwhelming! NYX is certainly hopping on the trend with their new contour palette as well as the Wonderstick. The Wonderstick is a contour stick, made up of a creamy formula to give the most natural look. Perfect for beginners and those on a budget, this stick just may be what many of you are looking for in order to create and contour cheekbones, jawlines, noses, and much more!

Shade: Medium


What it claims:

Amplify your look with NYX Cosmetics all-purpose Wonder Stick that has a creamy finish that conceals, highlights and contours with ease.

Creates the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks, and a slimmer nose. Adds depth and definition to facial features.

What it does: Gliding on smoothly, this extremely pigmented cream contour stick is a dream come true for someone on a budget who wants to get into the art of contouring. This stick is absolutely perfect for beginners, as most sticks are.


Here is where the product loses some points – the light side of this duo is absolutely horrible. It applies inconsistently and I find that I need to really push the product into my skin to get pigmentation. However, the contour side is so great that I would repurchase the product just for that side alone, but be sure to keep in mind to use a light hand with it, the warm shade of brown can make the skin look muddy! The only reason that I will not be repurchasing the product yet is because I am waiting for some cooler toned colors to come out – after all contouring does look best with grey undertones.


The product will last all day long which is a huge plus for a drugstore beauty item. I use the contour side of this for my cheeks, jaw and nose and use the light side as an eye shadow primer. I’ve never felt to need to re apply the product, and I do often times set it with a bronzer for life-proof long wear!


The packaging is nothing special but not necessarily bad. One major plus is that the caps don’t constantly fall off as most drugstore products lids do.


Now I’d like to share some tips with you guys on how I use this product. Like I mentioned earlier, I only use the highlight side to prime my eyelids before eye shadow application, however I do use the contour side on my face! And I love it! This is how I map it out:


I take the contour side and brush it right under my cheekbone, then I make a small dash on both sides of my forehead and along the top. I also contour the tip of my nose, swiping a bit of product along the sides and right under the tip. Lastly, I’ll apply a thick line under my jawbone if I know I’ll be photographed!


This is how the product looks fully blended out.

Here is a link to a time-lapse video showing how I use this product:

Overall Rating : 6/10

Where to purchase it: Ulta, Target, and wherever NYX is sold

Price: $11.99

Would I repurchase: Yes!

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