It’s the age of contour…again. 


Between KKW contour sticks, Fenty beauty contour, and numerous other brands it feels like the comeback of contour (though did it ever really leave?). I, for one, am a total fan of contouring, it’s one of the reasons I love makeup so much to begin with – that ability to totally transform your look or to just use it as a tool to feel better about yourself. Whatever the reason may be, I love contour and so I was ecstatic to hear about the launch of a foundation stick that would come with a contour stick on the other side that would perfectly match your skin tone. No more guess work with which contour shade would work for you and no need to buy a kit of multiple shades just to get your one perfect shade. And all from a brand known for it’s high quality and HD face products at a reasonable price of $42.

What it claims

Currently this foundation is not rated at Macy’s, it’s a 4 star on Ulta and Sephora.

What it does


I do agree with its claim of a natural finish. I just question if it’s too natural. I also find it interesting that it does not indicate what skin type this foundation is best for – making me think it is claiming to work for all skin types which is not a claim I would find to be true for my personal preferences.

(Update: Sephora’s website claims it’s for all skin types)


Shade Breakdown

Left to right: 0.5, 1.0, 1.1 1.2


Left to right: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3,2.4






Left to right: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3



Left to right: 4.0,4.1 (this is the entire selection for the 4 range that our Macy’s has)

All of the above photos are unfiltered.

Each intensity of the foundation contains 4 shades, except intensity 4 which at Macy’s only has 2. The contour shades aren’t too cool toned which is good for people who aren’t used to contouring and want a natural looking face and definition. My only issue is that I feel like all of the contour shades in intensity 2 look identical… which may be the case or there may be slight variances which would appear when applied but the arm swatches looked all the same.

My Thoughts


I matched myself to a shade 3.2 in this formula and whereas I did like the contour side of this duo, the foundation didn’t do much of anything. And by that I don’t mean it didn’t look like I had anything on – it just didn’t do anything to wow me. Which is surprising to me for a couple of reasons. One of them is because a coworker of mine who also has dry skin and usually likes the same products as me really enjoyed this foundation (hey bethzilla!), whereas I found it lackluster and slightly...boring. Another reason I was surprised I didn’t like it is because this foundation swatches beautifully. I remember being so in awe of it when I swatched it in store and during the color swatches above in the shade breakdown, I found myself second guessing just why I didn’t like the foundation. The problem (if you can really call it that) lies in when you actually rub in and blend the foundation. It loses that wonderful creamy borderline/ dewey consistency and falls flat. When I wore it I practically had to bathe my face in Fix+ to like the finish of it.




Who/What would I recommend this foundation for?

If you have oily to combination skin I think you would LOVE this. I do love the coverage it gives and I still am in awe with the concept, it’s just when it’s all blended out and done that the foundation didn’t earn a place in my drawer. If you do have dry skin, one way I think you would like it would be as a contour/highlight duo by getting a lighter shade or maybe even a bronzer/contour duo with some of the deeper shades. And because my friend with dry skin liked it, I’d say just give it a try anyway. If you buy it from a place like Macy’s that has an amazing return policy then you really don’t lose out on anything.



I am quite sad that this foundation didn’t work for me, however it is still something I find myself recommending to customers who want full coverage foundations and don’t have very dry skin.

Thank you for reading!


PRICE: $42