I have got quite some hauls coming at you guys this month since I have already started  on my back to school shopping (yes, despite being an upperclassman at a University, I still do back to school stuff). In this specific haul, I’ve got some great stuff…and some not so great stuff. In my experience, buying from Sheinside can be quite a gamble. The items can come looking nothing the garment you saw online or they can be exactly what you wanted! Read on for pictures of the items I bought, my experience of buying with SheInside, and some buying tips!


Long-sleeve floral dress $19.99



Starting off with my absolute favorite piece, I love this white and blue floral dress. The cut is loose and yet flattering, the sleeves are long, which I absolutely adore, and has a flattering high neckline. The flowy dress is perfect for summer: super breezy and super on trend.

Long-sleeved Front Cross Dip Hem Blouse $13.99



You can never have too many smart white shirts. They can be dressed up or down, and I loved and didn’t have one in this cut. The top is a bit more sheer than I would have preferred and it features a huge open back BUT I love it nonetheless and can still find ways to make it work for all seasons.

Long-sleeved zipper round neck coat $39.98



Keeping up the white theme, I am IN LOVE with this coat. It looks so incredibly chic and stylish and you will definitely see this in an OOTD post as soon as a chill hits us up in the sweltering heat currently invading the Portland area. I love the zipper details, which I am currently obsessed with, aka if I see zippers on anything I buy it. However, while zippers typically look edgy, this coat looks chic and sophisticated.

Long-sleeve Notch Lapel Pockets Coat $38.46



My feelings with this coat are rather up in the air: I love how stylish it looks (its like a staple blogger coat) and I did love how it looked on all the girls in the style gallery but the material of the coat I could do without. It feels like a terry cloth/juicy couture sweatpants/robe material. While it doesn’t photograph horribly and if properly steamed you can’t tell the material is cheap, I can still wear it and rock it.

Half-sleeve Oversized High Low Sweater $29.33



I had such high hopes for this sweater but must admit I was ultimately disappointed. The sleeves are not as long as they look here in this image and are also fitted, making it look more like I’m wearing an oversized child’s sweater. I also had to get a size M as the smaller size had sold out, making the sweater even wider and adding to my disappointment with the garment. The only way I can see myself wearing this is layered under a long coat.

Long-sleeve Plaid High Low Blouse $19.79



This was my other disappointing garment. I love the material of it and I love me a flannel. Being a girl born and raised in the PNW, flannels are a staple in our closets and I had yet to buy a red and black one. Once again, I got a M (which I’m starting to realize may be my issue here) and it is HUGE. I took people’s advice on the Style Gallery and ordered a size up for a baggy look, but it is so large that I will have to wear it as a coat AND I cannot wear it tied around my waist, which makes me sadder than it should.

Black Gemstone Bead Necklace $8.60



The only accessory I got: this necklace is a bit of a disappointment. The gem in the center is far too large, but I am considering cutting it off and wearing that gorgeous chain as is.

Style Gallery

The Style Gallery is a wonderful tool SheIside has that I wish other online retailers would also do. Basically, the Style Gallery is composed of pictures of people actually wearing the garment you are shopping for. Regular girls or bloggers style the garment  and upload pictures to the site. Most will type up a quick review and also tell you what size they purchased the piece in. Super helpful! I have made it a point to only purchase garments which have a Style Gallery section in their page.

However, despite that being said, the Style Gallery pictures may not be spot on (i.e. the grey coat I bought) but luckily, as in the SG images,you can’t really tell the material of the coat in photos.

Buying Experience

I was first turned on to purchasing from SheInside when I saw how affordable and trendy their clothes are. Seriously, go back up and see how affordable all of these items were! Where do you find coats for under $40?! (Before you decide to calculate how much I spent ((hint: DAD)) I had special discounts from SheInside and other pricing adjustments which factored into the total price, so the number you would get when you add it all up is not at all what I paid).

At the end of the day, I cannot say I had the best experience. The first purchase I made contained one item for me and one for my sister. I ordered a long-sleeved black romper (can you tell I love long-sleeves?) but when I received the romper I noticed that the zipper was broken. Meanwhile, my sister did not like what she got either. I got in contact with SheInside to return the items and the customer service wasn’t exactly warm.

I submitted my request for a refund stating that I was perfectly fine with exchanging for other items, yet the customer service person I spoke with still tried to talk me out of returning the items. They told me the kimono my sister ordered looked just fine and that for the broken zipper on my romper that it would be easy to fix and they could send me $5 as compensation.


I told them five dollars would not make the zipper work and that I thought it was nice enough to ask for an exchange rather than a return – and only then did they proceed with the exchange.

This is why I feel uncomfortable asking for an exchange or return for the items that I mentioned above that I wasn’t happy with, which really makes me not want to order from a company again. Which, as of right now, I have no intention of purchasing from SheInside again. That may change, as their prices are so low and they are tax-free and free shipping, but I will definitely be a lot more careful and I hope you are too and keep in mind these buying tips!

Buying Tips

Buying from SheInside can be quite tricky, as I have learned recently. Many times an item can come and look nothing like the image of the model – which sucks! Keep in mind these tips when you go to make a purchase from the fast fashion site!

  • Although SheInside is tax-free and offers free shipping, they do not offer free return shipping.
  • On the topic of shipping, the standard shipping offered by SheInside is INCREDIBLY slow and difficult to track. Definitely do not order if you need something quickly unless you are spending over $100 or pay an extra $12 for shipping, in which case the items still may not come in time (but it could be worth a try).
  • I would personally recommend only purchasing clothes from the site which are part of the Style Gallery and look carefully at the pictures.
  • Be sure to read the reviews.
  • Be careful when sizing up or down. Try to find measurements of the garment and measure yourself.

Quick OOTD

Shoes: Max Azria BCBG

Sunglasses: QuayxShay Vesper White

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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