Everyone has their go-to products for the summer like their favorite SPF or waterproof mascara. I, on the other hand, have my glow-to products: drops that make my body glisten, refreshing mists that enhance my makeup and give me a dewey complexion and more. Read on to find out what were my 4 favorite luminescent products that kept me going and glowing all summer long. 



I definitely used this product before this summer by using a drop or two any time I was showing a little skin but during the summertime, I was glimmering from head to toe. Before you give me that wide-eyed look, just know that this is not your disco ball shimmer product, this is more of that “when the light catches me you can’t tell if I’m J.Lo or not” type of a glitter   – and when you’ve got a tan… I can’t even. Let’s just say, “Mirage” is a very appropriate name for this color.

Intended to be used as a highlighter, I can’t say I would recommend this for the face, except maybe to pat over your eyelid or atop a lippie that needs a little extra oomph. But, if in the name of Tove Lo we are talking body, then this is the #1 body product I would recommend for the best summer skin of your life. It comes in three different colors for now – the champagne glimmer that I wish was a permanent a part of my skin (Mirage), a pink glitter (color Aurora) and a blue-tinted glitter (Lunar) and I can only wait with baited breath until they make a bronze/topaz version of it but until that day comes, I’ll be sticking with my Mirage and have my skin looking too good to be true. 


I admit: I’m a shimmer addict and MAC has given me my fix in the newest addition to the Fix+ family (did you catch the pun there?) by making a product that basically marries Strobe Cream with Fix+ spray. This miracle product helps to not only meld my makeup together for a flawless finish but also gives me that extra glow – and I would totally be lying if I said I only use it on my face. I’ve sprayed this on exposed shoulders, on my legs and even into my hair. 

MAC Cosmetics has two colors of this new Fix+  which are Goldlite and Pinklite. 


The highlighter that rocks my world every summer did it again in 2018. I realized that my favorite highlighters seem to come in a gelée form (i.e. the ABH x Amrezy highlighter) because of the intense and blinding highlight that they give off and Heat Wave is no different. When this highlighter is on my cheek, I am in a competition with the sun to see which one is harder to stare directly into and let me tell you, both can do serious damage to your retinas.

Considered by many to be the first cult-favorite highlighter, Heat Wave is limited year-round and is re-released each summer and with different packaging each time. I can truly say I get more excited for this summer occasion than any other (and that includes my birthday).

A side note regarding this summer’s version of Heat Wave: The Heat Wave compact that was released for Summer 2018 has a ton of large glitter particles on the top of it. Whereas you would normally think I would live for this, I didn’t. I really don’t like the glitter chunks in this product and many customers felt the same way. I discovered that the glitter is just an overspray and can be removed by rubbing off the top layer of the product with tissue or cotton. After you remove the glitter overspray, prepare to be amazed. 


First made famous by Nikkie Tutorials , this lip topper is unlike any other formula I have ever tried. It feels featherlight on the lips but packs exceptional staying power and pigment. Jouer Cosmetics has come out with other colors in this formula, but the golden/champagne of Skinny Dip still keeps it place in my purse at all times. Not to mention it has a delicious vanilla frosting scent which only adds to how yummy it makes your lips look and feel. 

Reading back I realize this post makes me seem like a toddler who got into a box of glitters or the shimmering version of Tan Mom and you may be thinking of hosting an intervention for me and I completely understand that yes, all of these products may seem like they are a lot and using all of them at once may seem over the top but in actuality, they give off a very lively, hydrated and glowing look. The glitter particles in all of these products are incredibly fine and when applied carefully and artfully, give off a healthy sheen to the skin. Can it be overdone? Yes. But also, am I willing to be blinded by looking into my own reflection? Also, yes. 

Thanks for reading.