Although the arrival of PSL typically announces that Autumn is upon us, the first day of Fall actually is this Friday the 22nd.

The end of summer is here everyone and so its time to recap my favorite products from the summer – my tried and true sweat-proof, humidity-proof and melt-proof items that were the key to my style surviving back to back triple digit days. This list is for  a.) anyone who isn’t ready to say good bye to summer yet and b.) anyone from the other hemisphere who is going into summer and is interested in some of my favorite products.

I’ve got fragrances, beauty, skincare and body care products that were the major keys to Summer ’17.





Giorgio Armani Sun Di Gioia

Notes: The scent starts off with warm florals of freesia and frangipani before being enriched with milky vanilla.


This deliciously warm scent smells like coconuts and sunscreen but in the best possible way. I constantly found myself reaching for this comforting fragrance. Don’t be fooled by the notes, if you don’t like floral scents but want something for summer, I’d say give this a try.


Vince Camuto Bella

Notes:  Nectarine blossoms, Italian bergamot and jasmine water against the sultry base of white amber create the vibrantly warm, intoxicating bouquet that is Bella.

Bella is a vibrant, bright citrusy fragrance that has a sweetness to it. This is sure to be a favorite for anyone who likes sweet scents but also wants a fresh, citrus twist in a fragrance that is sure to be noticed.



TOO FACED Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lipgloss in Tickle Me Peach

This is my favorite thing to wear if my skin and lips feel dehydrated. The peach oil that is infused into these lip glosses makes them so incredibly comfortable to wear and this shade in particular is such a fun bright orange/red that goes amazing with a tan.


lancome Matte Shaker in magic orange

(wearing magic orange with moth to flame)

Another lip that I love because of how comfortable it is to wear. While I love this lip, I have to be honest and state that this is really not that matte. Is it super glossy? No, but I wouldn’t say it’s matte either. It has a bit of a sheen to the product due to the bi-phase oil which makes up its base. This formula will sink into your lips so that you don’t feel like you have anything on at all but are still nourished. If you want that lip stain just-ate-a-popsicle look then this is perfect for you.

smashbox thrill seeker

Not for the faint of heart. The smash box liquid lipsticks are my favorite formula OF ALL TIME. And this color was one of my favorite lippies of the entire summer – it’s matte AF, it lasts forever on your lips and it’s a statement. I wore it with plain outfits to add some pizzazz (who uses that word anymore?) and with bright colors because I love to be matchy-matchy. It’s all or nothing when you’re a thrill seeker.

MAC Dazzleglass in moth to flame

I love the return of the gloss and this one has been one of my go-tos. I pair this one over top of the Lancome Juicy shaker to really elevate the peachy tones. TBH, it is a little sticky but I don’t mind. These newly reformulated dazzle glasses come in some amazing colors so run out and grab some before they’re gone.

bareminerals Moxie Plumping Lipgloss in 24 k

I can see myself using this one the entire holiday season. It not only gives the lips a stunning gold shimmer but also plumps your lips without any stinging. This lip gloss would look stunning over any lipstick or on its own.


ABH Lipgloss in Sunset Strip

The perfect summer gloss, this peachy orange gloss has enough pink undertones and packs a colorful punch so that you could easily wear it on its own for a simple 5-minute makeup look to accentuate your best features and serve a juicy lip.


Lancome Solaire Bronzer

I got this small size of this bronzer in the last GWP with Lancome and I am floored. You will not believe me when I tell you this – I have used this bronzer almost every single day this summer and I am yet to hit any sort of pan. If you have a medium to deep skin tone, this bronzer is an absolute essential.


Lancome Rouge In Love

A favorite of mine and my sister’s this summer, this blush at first looks terrifying I KNOW. However, with a light sweep of a brush on that cheekbone or if you’re more of an apples of the cheek girl, this blush would suit all skin tones and be mesmerizing on them all. The only disclaimer I have about this blush is that although it says on the box that is is a shimmer, I would consider this a matte as I have never experienced any shimmer from it.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Telling Glow

This one speaks for itself and serves the shimmer. If the last blush is a little too matte for you, try this extra dimension blush from MAC who absolutely slays the shimmer blush game. This blush also looks SICKENING as an eyeshadow.



Lancome Energie De Vie Glow Booster

You can surely expect an entire post on this stuff. It is my holy grail skincare item to prep my dry skin for a full day of foundation and to bring it back to life. I pump 1-2 pumps onto my hand and apply directly to my face with my fingers before I do any makeup (unless I’m doing a matte look) and this gives my skin so much luminosity before and after foundation application and keep my skin comfortable all day.

Yes To Grapefruit Pore Refining Toning Mist

I adore the Yes To Grapefruit line but especially this pore refining mist. It has the most invigorating scent – it will WAKE. YOU. UP. I still also feel a hydration with this though, so I like to spray this on bare skin before my EDV Glow booster and girl, your makeup will be fresh all day and night.


Elizabeth Arden Dare to Bare Body Bronzing Oil

I love this mixed in this lotion and all on its own. This also gives some color to the skin, though not very much and has a beautiful shimmer that catches the light in the most flattering way. For only $36 I highly recommend trying this out for hydration, a bit of color and some glow.


St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss

I ordered this after seeing it off of Nicole Guerriero’s video and had already had the confirmation email within ten minutes. This makes you look like a mannequin while still giving a tan color which washes off right in the shower. I believe it is still a Sephora exclusive.


Cover FX Sunlight Drops

AND YOU THOUGHT I WASNT GOING TO MENTION HIGHLIGHT? You played yourself. I snuck this in the body care section because I have been ruthlessly mixing this stuff with lotion and slathering it on my body, not just my cheeks. This stuff makes you look like a golden goddess regardless of where you apply it. I can’t even talk about this product here, it feels disrespectful to throw it into a favorites when it really deserves its own post.



This one is a rather random favorite I threw into the mix just because of how obsessed I have been. Bebe Rexha’s new All Your Fault Pt. 1 accompanied me on drives to work and the beach for almost all of July – August. I know every word to every song and I think the main thing I love about this EP is the fact that all of the music is so upbeat and fast and no matter the subject matter it keeps you in a light mood. Such good music and I’m quite a fan of Bebe now and will be excited to see what else she comes out with.




Ah, I’m in my feels now reminiscing about my summer. I had a great time this year and checked a lot of things off of my summer bucket list. I had time to really relax and enjoy myself this summer and these items really encapsulate that. You may have noticed that I have no eyeshadows of the summer or foundations but that’s because when it’s summer and it’s hot I like to focus on a diffused face and keep everything soft and subtle except the cheeks and the lips.


Thanks for reading!