The terrible three. 

I have had my fair share of eyeshadow palettes. I have more eyeshadows than I know what to do with, and these are the palettes that I really don’t know what to do with. Some of them are too old to return and some are just shitty formulas that I force myself to keep trying. Without further ado, I present the palettes that I regret buying – one is extremely popular and I’m sure will shock you and the others are ones that you may consider because of the price-point but I would advise against.


This is a classic “the internet made me buy it” purchase. I bought it all excited of the positive reviews and was going to India for a wedding where I knew I would be asked to help get people ready so I thought I’d get this palette to have some warm neutrals. The thing is, the palette isn’t exactly bad, but it’s not good either. It’s nothing great and I have to actually force myself to use it. Sometimes at work, I’ll get a client that wants a very natural makeup look so I grab this palette but almost always end up using ABH shadows or Buxom shadows over top. The colors shown in the second picture are the only colors that I really get any use out of in this palette – which again I force myself to use. The purple and red tones in this palette are horrible and so are most of the other shimmer colors – I’m genuinely surprised this palette is as popular as it is.



This palette is not only eyeshadows, but also blushes which seems even more enticing when you see the price. However, the palette falls short to the claims. I don’t recall where I saw it but somewhere online this palette was said to be a dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. It’s not. The “textured” shadows in the top row are nothing more than slightly shimmery shadows whereas all the other shimmers just have a shimmer overlay. All the colors kind of blend together into one mauve-y plum-y tone that I’m not fond of. The gold tones in here need a lot of work to be brought to life (be ready to drain your whole bottle of Fix+) Now I’m not that mad, because this palette was so cheap, but I wouldn’t buy it again. However, I do have some eyeshadow palettes from BH that I do enjoy, so this dud is not putting me off of the brand.




I should have known better than to buy an all cream eyeshadow palette, but I was intrigued by the gorgeous steel blues and the multi-dimensional shades and the price was right for a brand I had generally heard decent things about. The thing with this palette is that it’s such a chore to use – from having to use a different type of brush than the one I’d usually go for (it does come with one though) to having to pack on so much color to get the effect of the eyeshadow, this was essentially a waste of money for me. It’s an eyeshadow palette that I force myself to use but always end up putting off. I’ve only tried one other thing from Model’s Own which I actually ended up returning, so whether I’ll be trying anything else is to be seen.




Which eyeshadow palettes, if any, have you purchased and regretted?

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