I am red-dy for those red eyelids. 


If you can’t already tell from the amount of fall posts I’ve had so far, allow me to clarify: I love fall. I love fall fashion and I love fall makeup. These 5 eyeshadow palettes are my absolute go-to’s for my signature fall looks – smokey bronze shades, red or orange eyelids, aubergine crease colors, deep yellows – you get the picture. However, fall also means back to school so I definitely need a neutral palette in my arsenal as well for when I don’t have the time or those morning when my brain has turned to mush. Here are my 5 favorite fall eyeshadows palettes:




Bye Natasha Denona. I am considering this the ultimate warm eyeshadow palette. It has all of the shades of the Sunset palette and more and although the hefty price of $68 seems like it would be too much for a Sephora brand palette, the shadow quality is out of this world good. I will be doing a full review with swatches of each shade and with looks using this palette but for now snatch it up when it comes back in stock because this palette is my number 1 recommendation for this fall.





Switching gears to a palette more suitable for the neutral girl, this eyeshadow palette is chock full of neutral shades AND contour shades for when you eat a bit too much pumpkin pie (lol jk)  I love this palette for a soft, natural look but don’t get me wrong, taking shades such as Stone and Ember can really warm up and add drama to your look.


Click here for my Subculture tea and drama post where I share my first impressions of this palette:


If you’ve read my original Subculture post then you’d know that I am one of the few faithful Subculture wearers and I personally enjoy this palette. This color scheme of rich jewel tones and warm mustard shades have earned it a spot on my must have palettes for the fall. Don’t worry too much girl, it’ll blend.





I’m going to say this time and time again: This palette is one that EVERY ONE needs, no matter the season, year, skin tone, skill level – YOU NEED THIS PALETTE. Just look at it. I used this palette almost every day last fall and it has never once failed me. It is my favorite eye shadow palette in the world – if I could keep just one it would be my Modern Renaissance.


I do not personally own this palette but that is only because I have all of these shades individually either from Buxom or from ABH singles. However, had I not had those singles I totally would have scooped up this palette – the colors are perfect for fall, reminiscent of falling leaves and the price is great for the amount of shades you get.




Here they are, my favorite fall palettes and the palettes I will mostly be using day in and day out as the weather gets chillier and the only warmth I’ll be getting is from my eyelids or my lipsticks. You may have noticed one eyeshadow palette in particular that is missing: Naked Heat. I know the Heat has been featured on most blogger’s pages for best fall palettes however I did not find the palette to have anything that I didn’t already have from the palettes mentioned above (and the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette too). I am still considering purchasing it though, so as always I will keep you up to date on that.


Thanks for reading!


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