The New ‘Do

The hair gods have finally shown me mercy. 


For the first time in months ( I kid you not, months) I am finally happy with my hair. I have just posted a hair disaster pt 2 post about a month ago talking about the epic fail that is my hair. From bright green to accidental black – the past couple of months have been all about trying to get my hair a shade of blue that Nicole Richie would be proud of.  And whereas this color is not exactly Nicole Richie chic. It sure is something I am happy with and my stylist is proud of.

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

And to address the elephant in the room.. yes I do have a lob and crazy enough it was my idea. So no, there was no ANTM style break down. Honestly, the thing is my hair felt like straw and it looked horrible in every photo and from every angle. Also, due to my cheekbones and overall facial structure people had always told me to try a lob, and I thought hey! short hair is better than straw hair. Which is part of the reason I haven’t been posting – honestly if you hate the way you look, no matter how good the angles or the outfit, you just don’t feel inspired.

So here it is and here I am. I’m blue and I’m back. 




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