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I spent the day yesterday in a small nook of Oregon that looked like heaven. My inner cancer (horoscope) and mermaid were both delighted at the sight. Though I cannot swim, we spent hours running into the waves and back out again, running up huge sand dunes and just taking in all there is to see in this beautiful puzzle piece to the rest of the magnificent and majestic Pacific Northwest.

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This post need not be about fashion or beauty or any of the other things I write about on this blog. I just wanted this post to be one that you can view in order to appreciate some of the nature around you (and hopefully inspire you to get out and enjoy it!) So without further ado, enjoy the sites.

Also for my Portlandians, Cape Kiwanda is a mere 2 hours drive. Totally worth it for the crisp ocean air and gorgeous scenery.

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I’m sure this makes me absolutely crazy, but I can totally imagine a time when mermaids would have swam in shallow waters like these. There’s rocks to climb up on to lure Sailor’s to their deaths, a large lustrous sand area to lay out on and comb their wavy tresses, and plenty of restaurants nearby for a little more than seafood all the time.

Fairytale fantasies aside, this beach off Pacific City is picture perfect.




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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!