Hey guys! I recently just took a week off from my blog (and all life in general) but now am back with super exciting posts – starting with this one! As you read this I am probably at an airport or have just landed in Cancun! This was a rather last minute trip that I’m taking with my family right before school starts, but boy is it much needed.

You’ll be getting an Outfit Diaries post, travel makeup post and hopefully some other fun posts from my time in Cancun!

Today I’ll be sharing with you my absolute essentials for travel. I’d just gone to India earlier this year and had travelled long distances before so I feel I definitely have some essential items that I tend to fall back on. Whereas this Cancun trip is a mere 6 hour flight, I still packed my same essentials.

Carry On

  • Laptop or Tablet: For post-writing/ internet searching with free airport wifi.
  • Camera: I keep my Nikon DSLR on board the flight with me where I can keep it, know its safe and whip it out at airport layovers.
  • Book or Magazine: To keep yourself entertained on a long flight, keep an interesting novel or magazine with you. I’m currently reading Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams.
  • Back up clothes in case you spill on yourself during the flight or need to get out of the same thing at the airport after hours of stewing in them.
  • In-flight hydration items: I absolutely have to keep a few items with me on any flight to prevent dehydrated skin. My absolute essentials are the ELF Eye Refresh ($3), the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray ($8) and a lip balm. I also will be sure to now wear makeup if I’m catching a red eye flight.
  • Snacks – because lets be honest, no one really likes airplane food.

Suitcase Style

Whereas my carry on holds all my tech, my suitcase is where all the fashion pieces are kept. Read below for my style essentials when you’re away from home.

  • If your vacation is tropical like mine, your going to need a swimsuit. I purchased mine (pictured above) from Victoria’s Secret for just $35. Also, a cover-up for the walk to the pool area.
  • 1-2 pairs of comfy shoes and one pair of athletic shoes – just in case. I’d skip the heels if your vacation is not specially for an event.
  • Weather appropriate clothes and backups, such as for a tropical vacation I’d still pack a light weight coat or sweatshirt just in case it gets chilly or shorts for the chance of their being a sunny day in a typically overcast area.


Just some fun things to take to make your trip even more enjoyable and fashionable

  • Statement jewelry – nows a good a time as any to step out of your comfort zone. Being on vacation is fun and so is loud jewelry.
  • Polaroid camera or printer to give pictures to any friends you may meet on your travels.
  • A selfie stick for shameless selfies or group photos. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!