It’s no secret I’m a huge Kardashian fan. Among simply being a powerhouse, this woman sets trends left and right in the worlds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, business, etc. One trend she and hubby have started that I find rather questionable is wearing biker shorts in public as your regular daywear. Not only am I not a huge fan of the biker shorts themselves, I especially don’t love the way they are typically styled with oversized sweatshirts and in monochrome. Despite all that, I did decide to give the trend a try when I went to see G-Eazy in concert. The night was warm, the concert was outdoors, I was seated in the grass, it was all so casual I thought hey, let’s throw on a men’s t-shirt and some biking shorts and go see Gerald. 

I thought the trend would grow on me. I saw myself falling in love with biking shorts and then wearing them out and about in my normal life, styled with heels for work, athletic shoes for errands, etc. But ultimately, this is a trend I couldn’t get myself fully onboard with. My legs are skinny enough and the biker shorts only accentuated that. Moreover, I felt like I was wearing shape wear out and thus felt extremely underdressed. All in all, this just goes to show that there’s nothing Kim Kardashian can’t do and that biker shorts are something I won’t do. 

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