Some new, some old – all pure gold! 


If you read my previous post, then you know that today’s Haul-idays post is the 20% off Ulta prestige post and that next week you’ll be getting a Macy’s and a Sephora post. So, if there was really a best time to subscribe, now would be it.

Okay, time to spotlight on Ulta and share the few things I picked up – some are Ulta exclusives and some are things I couldn’t go another day without while others were fun products that caught my eye and got me to swipe that card. Also, I did notice that all of the items I picked out all coincidentally had 4 or more stars, so not only is this an Ulta haul, but it’s an Ulta haul that contains some of the best products in their categories. Without further ado, let’s jump right in with my ultimate favorite:




Becca Backlight Priming Filter

You know I use this stuff up constantly – this is my fourth bottle of this. I use this as a moisturizer for a soft glow at the gym, wear it under my makeup, I do everything with this. If I could drink it, I probably would do that too. And if it wasn’t a whopping $40, I’d slather this shit on my body like lotion. Did I mention I love this stuff?


Tarte Shape Tape

You already know – the cult favorite Shape Tape.  I had to pick up this Ulta exclusive both because of the discount and because I have now gone through this again. This container marks my third repurchase of this stuff. It’s my holy grail concealer (tho, I may have one to rival it coming up soon..)


John Frieda Color Gloss in Black

I will be uploading a post on how I keep my black hair so healthy, shiny and glossy and this is certainly one of those products that I love to help me achieve that Kimmy K long black hair look.


Lotion Applicator

Ok, this one may seem really weird but I am going to start up self-tanning this winter so in order to have my whole body one color I am going to need some help. This applicator has a really long handle so that you can reach the small of your back with lotion, tanner, oils, etc. This claims to not soak up any product (I will keep you updated on this claim!)



Pur Cosmetics Brush


The Artis brushes are all the rage, however I wanted to see if I would even like a dense, oval-shaped brush for my face so I decided to go with the more sensible option price-wise and picked up this brush from Ulta since I could feel the tester in store and new that the quality was certainly there.


Having an extra discount is the best time to buy stuff you don’t need, and of course some of the stuff you do need. This haul has a good mix of both of those, however I justify all of it with the fact that I had 20% off, which included prestige (which it usually never does), and of course I get to add to my Ulta points balance and get actual money off later. A shopaholic will justify just about anything though, right? To see more of my crazy justifications and more of my necessary/unnecessary purchases during my Macys and Sephora hauls, then please subscribe with your email address and be sure to check back in next week for more.

Thanks for reading!




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