The purpose of today’s blog post is to forewarn you of changes that you’ll be seeing soon here on TAA.

I am giving this blog a face lift …. but it’s more of a Bella Hadid facelift where I’m changing everything about it aesthetically. I feel like I have outgrown the current situation of TAA and perhaps that’s why I find myself in a creative rut when I am trying to write for it. But, changes are coming.

You can expect an all new theme, better visuals, more informative content and quality blog posts.

The content that I have planned, the photos that I’ve taken and the ideas that I have for future projects are all so exciting that I want the new blog up and running right now! However, contrary to popular belief, web designers are busy people with bustling social lives so the changes that roll out will be rolling out a little slowly but the whole thing will be worth the wait.

What I want is a website that embodies me. Not who I am right now, not who I’m trying to be and certainly not what is trending in the blogosphere and social media. Who is Amber? What are her archives? The answers to these questions will become apparent as you navigate through the new site. Everything will be crisper, everything will be cleaner.


If you have any suggestions or comments about TAA as it is now or any suggestions for the new and improved TAA then go ahead and leave them down bellow or shoot me a quick email at