Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette: 3 Looks + Review

The new Naked Smoky palette has been all the rage this summer, a time when lighter, creamier shadows and golden tones dominate. Though the July release was strange, beauty lovers all over are ecstatic to finally have their hands on this new palette featuring never before seen shadows. To test this palette, I put together three looks, using the three sections of the palettes, the shimmer shades, the satin shades and the matte shades. Whereas putting together a good-looking smoky eye can typically take forever, I wanted to create very simple, anyone-can-do looks, as I know those are what my friends have been wanting. I’m sure as the winter months approach you’ll see more and more of this palette and also more intricate eyeshadow looks.

Look 1 Shimmer Shades


image2 image3


image3I’d call this the “galaxy” look. Each color in this look is so bright and shimmery, with gold flecks and silver flecks combined, the look has a luminous, glowey look – like the stars are scattered across your eyelids.

  • Use Armor on outer one/third of eye in a side v-shape formation to define.
  • Apply Radar through the crease, working ever so slightly upward to soften the lines. Blend into Armor.
  • Optional: Apply more of Armor in the outer one/third for a more dramatic look.
  • Use Radar on a small defining brush and apply all throughout the lower lash line.
  • Take High and apply to inner corners and through the brow bone.

Look 2 Satin Darks

image5 image8

image7 image6


A perfect “slept-in” walk of shame eye look – making you look like a sultry rockstar who just had a wild night out. I wanted to keep this look “lid-heavy” and not venture too far into the crease. Of course, for purposes of photographing I did not properly blend out the line of Smolder across the crease for when I did the color would barely show up. That being said, I feel when these dark satin colors are combined and properly blended, it’s hard to distinguish one from the other. The rich aubergine of Smolder is completely lost in this look.

  • Start by applying Slanted all over the lid for an even wash of color.
  • On a smudge brush, take Smolder and use to cut the crease (create a sharp line in the crease)
  • Apply Dagger into the lower lash line.
  • Taking an angled eyeliner brush, use Black Market as an eyeliner. Apply into the waterline and tight line.

Look 3: Mattes


image9 image11


I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: this palette is not for the natural eyeshadow girl. The colors are daring and bold, however, a more natural look can be done. I would only recommend purchasing this palette if you want to use all of the colors and not just these last 4 – even though they are quite stunning. This would be my “too-cool-to-care” look.

  • Start with Combust all over the lid
  • Add Whiskey to the crease blending all over the crease with a  large fluffy brush. I took mine outside of the eye lid for a messier and more casual vide.
  • Taking Password, I applied this under my brow bone in the inner corners of my crease to give my eyes more of a hooded appearance (I opted to leave the lower lash line bare for this look but Password would look stunning there as well)
  • Finish off with Thirteen in the inner corner and brow bone.


While there are two rather disappointing shades in this palette (see previous post for details), the rest of the shadows are mostly winners. Buying this palette I knew I would not get much use out of the middle 4 shades, but proceeded to purchase it anyways for the other 8. This palette will be my ultimate go-to for nights out. event makeup, or on days I need an extra dose of sexy, sultry eyes. Despite it’s name, this palette is not for the natural girl who wants a “naked” eye look.


image10 Featuring 12 shades, most new and some not, this palette is a must-have for makeup artists. The packing of this product is finally perfect as well, featuring a magnetic closure to the palette, a large dual-ended brush and a mirror large enough to see the entire face. Also, with it’s smoky effect container, it looks pretty sitting on any vanity. image6 image7 image8 As with most Urban Decay Naked palettes, this one came with an eyeshadow brush to help with application. The brush is a dual ended with one fluffy blending side and one denser, stout smudging side.




Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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