New Year, New Blog

Welcome! I know I have been gone for quite some time, namely the entire months of October, November and December and for good reason.

I hope you all are noticing and loving all the new changes on my blog, mostly the name change and the new layout, courtesy of Bella-B on Etsy.


I had decided to change my blog name (yet again) for a name that I could see myself using for the rest of my life. And I guess I have to now that I’ve bought a domain for it.

I was tired of being confined by “northwest” fashion styles – and yes I admit it was a self inflicted confinement.  I don’t have a niche, I don’t have a genre of style I am partial to, I wear anything and everything and I wanted to break free of what my blog idea originally was, which is Portlandia street style.

So here we are. The Amber Archives is a title that won’t hold me back. In fact, it’s an accurate representation of what my site is. This site is an archives of my outfits, my days, the things  I buy and love and many many others.


With the new name and attitude, I wanted a new look. I want my blog to look more professional and be taken seriously so here we are: this layout is all custom with the help of a brilliant shop on Etsy, linked below.


I must admit, I went through many designers before finally (thankfully) finding Henderson from Bella-B. There were 2-3 other designers who I had tried to work with that fell through.She designed the whole site within 15 days and I must say, she made my vision fully come to life.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you have fun navigating through the new site.

Thanks for reading.


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