After 7+ long years, I’m back on Youtube with a series of look books that I call Weekly Wear and Where. The series runs similarly to an “Outfits of the Week” video, except in WW&W would feature where I would recommend wearing the outfits to, where I wore them to and perhaps some vlog type footage here and there.


Since high school and especially more in my university days, I would constantly get girls who would tell me how much they love my personal style and wish they could put in the time, effort, money, skill, etc. necessary to also “dress up” every day. I was always a little taken aback, I never really felt I was “dressed up”, this was just my personal style. That is when The Amber Archives was conceived and I took to blogging outfit-of-the-day pics to give outfit inspo to my peers, amongst other beauty tips, lifestyle bits, etc.

I would argue it took me the same amount of time to get dressed as it took my peers. I just chose different garments. A well put together outfit looks expensive, but I’m not one to plaster myself in designer names and as you’ll see throughout this series I shop at very affordable places.  It took time and a lot of hours of looking at my style inspirations to hone in on who I am (and even then, I proudly refer to myself as a style chameleon). I want to help anyone looking to work on their style, wardrobe and see how that enhances their life. Because believe me, it does.

My hope is that this new youtube series in tandem with the blog will serve to continue to inspire people to get out and get dressed and look their best every day.

I plan to upload 3-5 outfits per video and upload to this series about twice a month, at least.


I hope you enjoy.