A very popular post on blogs and youtube, today I’ll be sharing with you guys what I keep in my school bag.

The purpose of this post isn’t necessarily to give you somethings to consider keeping in your bag. I keep the perfect amount of things in my bag for what I need on a day to day basis. However, if you would like an informative post on what to keep in your bag for optimal social and educational success, I would gladly make one.  In fact, when I used to upload videos of myself on youtube, my “What’s in my school bag” video was my most viewed and many people said it helped them pack their own bags. I used to keep absolutely everything in my bag to ensure I would have something for any emergency, such as extra writing utensils, travel first aid kits and a mini school supply kit equipped with scissors, staplers and more.

But for today’s post, I’m showing what I carry on a day to day basis to get me through a college school day full of lectures and a day of taking blog photos (have you seen my full week of outfits?


And so without further ado, let’s see what exactly is in my bag.

Since I am now in college, I don’t keep a whole ton! But just enough:

Big Pocket:


Laptop for notes, blogging and very soon video editing, my Macbook Pro.

Two folders, one for handouts and one for stuff to turn in.

Binder with papers.

My planner, which was custom made for me by Belle Rouser designs – link here:


My blog book, in which I wrote down ideas for future posts.

Side pockets:



Headphones because sometimes you need to listen to your anthem (Queen Bey) while doing homework.

Pens pens pens. Never run out of pens.

My Sony QX10 so I can take amazing blog photos while on the go. This is still new, but so far I’m already in LOVE.

My wallet – I try to keep some cash but mostly just use my card.

Makeup pouch:


Agree with me on this or not, eyeliner is essential. I never go anywhere without this. In my pouch, I have the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes (full review here:

https://theamberarchives.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/product-fail-makeup-forever-aqua-liner/       ) I’ll be honest, I only carry this so that I can use it up.

I also always make sure to keep my lip color of the day in my pouch.

Of course, concealer is as important as your pens and pencils. We can’t go to class looking like we haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a week, even if it may be true. My current favorite for on the go: Maybelline FitMe.

Finally, I’ve got my scent from Urban Outfitters, my Petal Perfume Oil.


And honestly, that’s all I’ve got in my bag. Sometimes, the simple things are better.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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