This look will have you standing at attention for Sergeant Chic. 

When Balmain exploded in the fashion world it brought with it not only the rise of Kardashians in high fashion but also a loud take on classic fashion silhouettes – a velvet jacket but with pearl embroidery, an exceptionally thick belt around the waist and wool coats and blazers with rows of gold buttons. Balmain helped pioneer the return of the military style coat and whereas designers like Ferragamo, Burberry and Ralph Lauren have since released their own military coats, Balmain is still credited with bringing it back by keeping it at a staple within it’s classic and distinguishing blazer. Luckily, I did not have to pay the Balmain price for this coat but I got all the style. This coat is actually by an Aussie e-boutique called Lioness Fashion and retails for only $119 – and if you sign up for their newsletter you get an additional percentage off.


How To Style

I love the military style coat and own it in three different styles: the standard short with a white piping, the classic floor length and also a sophisticated blazer version. I love to style mine in all black to let the coat and it’s embellishments be not only the statement but the outfit in and of itself. However, in the first photo I am wearing a white top and that color contrast was striking.

Do you like the military coat? If so, browse either Lioness or Missguided for some gorgeous and affordable styles for you to try out before you take the plunge and go for the Balmain original. These two sites were my go-to when browsing for this coat as they have all sorts of lengths, different blazer cuts and multiple colors to choose from.

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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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